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Sonic6 title.PNG
Sonic 6
System(s): Game Boy
Publisher: Sonic World
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
For the unlicensed Mega Drive game, see Sonic Jam 6.

Sonic 6 is an unlicensed "pirate" game for the Game Boy supposedly released in 1998. It is actually a minor graphical hack of the 1993 Speedy Gonzales Game Boy game by Sunsoft, replacing all sprites and references to Speedy Gonzales with Sonic the Hedgehog. The game was likely chosen to hack due to Speedy Gonzales' similar gameplay mechanics to that of the Sonic series.

Unlike the original game, which starts in "Ice Zone," Sonic 6 starts with "Forest Zone". The game is credited as being made by "Sonic World", and is believed to be the same people who pirated Sonic the Hedgehog on the Super Nintendo. It utilizes a password system.

Also, Instead of the cartridge saying "GAME BOY" at the top, it says "GAME".


Below is a list of Zones and passwords for Sonic 6, which are different from Speedy Gonzales due to the different level arrangement..

  • Ice Zone - 598926
  • Mexico Zone - 416670
  • Desert Zone - 618036
  • Country Zone - 433624
  • Cheese Island - 890964


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Images shown on the right are from the original Speedy Gonzales, the left from Sonic 6.

Physical scans


Download.svg Download Sonic 6
File: Sonic 6.7z (167 kB) (info)

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo Game Boy
CRC32 aa4e9379
MD5 173da3188b302c34d882b798f468d741
SHA-1 5f70ee1a1265536c6ed3657bfd5e54516add287d
512kB Cartridge


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