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Sonic 3 Complete
Version: 1.0
Last release: December 25th, 2009
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Credits: Tiddles

Sonic 3 & Knuckles: The Challenges is an hack by Tiddles which replaces several music tracks in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It was inspired by a similar music hack by Sonic Retro scener, Hayate. In addition to the music changes there are also bugfixes and other features.

Hack Additions

Sonic 3-ification

  • Tracks for title screen, invincibility, Knuckles' theme, miniboss, 1up, S3 ending and data select are the Sonic 3 versions.
  • Various music cues are flipped around to work with this:
    • Marble Garden 2 boss for Knuckles plays the standard zone boss theme.
    • Flying Battery 2 sub-boss plays the SK miniboss theme.
    • Hidden Palace plays Sonic 3 miniboss for Knuckles fight, SK miniboss for emerald theft.
    • Sonic 3 credits plays during the ending before the main credits begin (replacing Sky Sanctuary)
    • The Blue Sphere difficulty screen now plays the Gumball Bonus music.
  • Music no longer fades out before the Got Through screen
  • Act music no longer resumes after the Got Through screen before a zone transition.
  • Credits music has been replaced with the Sonic 3C 0517 version.
  • Sonic/Tails have their final Launch Base 2 boss restored, with its Sonic 3 behaviour.
    • Knuckles' version is unaffected.
  • Flying Battery shows up with its unused Sonic 3 icon in Data Select.
  • All references to "& Knuckles" removed, title screen positioning realigned to original setup.


  • Tails no longer has extra tails in the LBZ2 ending cutscene. (S3K regression)
  • The egg prison at the end of Hydrocity is now correctly centred for Sonic and Tails. (S3K regression)
  • The correct music will resume after a drown timer while fighting the Hydrocity bosses.
  • The boss music gives way to the act music at the end of Sandopolis 1 and Lava Reef 2.
  • The correct music will always resume when coming back from a special stage or bonus stage (AIZ1, ICZ1).
  • Workaround added to Mushroom Hill 2 and Sandopolis 2 bosses to prevent Knuckles from sometimes seeing Eggman.
  • Knuckles now fights EggRobo in Flying Battery 2.
  • You will no longer lose barriers if hit from the blue spinning platforms in Marble Garden.
  • SONIC text is no longer backwards when the Tornado flies left during the ending.
  • Sonic's exit from Lava Reef to Hidden Palace is now blue rather than red.
  • The music tempo glitch at the beginning of Doomsday has been removed.


  • Super/Hyper must be invoked by pressing B+C for a double jump (Megamix style).
    • This allows Tails/Knuckles to play without powering up after having all emeralds.
    • Sonic can now transform even if he has a barrier.
    • Added ability to return to normal with a B+C double jump.
  • While in super or hyper form, sped-up level music plays instead of invincibility music.
  • Speed shoes monitors now have no effect when collected in super or hyper form.
  • The existing S3K cheats work, plus:
    • B+Start on 1 Player on the Sonic 3 title screen takes you to Sonic & Knuckles, with all the same changes, including music.
      • Restrictions on zone and character selection from the level select in Sonic & Knuckles are removed if debug is enabled.
    • B+Start on the Sonic & Knuckles title screen takes you to back to Sonic 3.
    • C+Start on 1 Player on the Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles title screen takes you to Blue Sphere
      • Tails has been added as a playable character in Blue Sphere.
    • RLLLR on Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles title screen menu switches region graphics (Tails/Miles, TM signs)
    • LLRRLLLL on Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles title screen menu enables level select.
    • 01 03 05 07 on sound test enables debug
    • 02 04 05 06 on sound test gives all Chaos Emeralds
      • This will not reset the status of anything done with HPZ/super emeralds
    • 12 14 15 16 on sound test gives all super emeralds
  • "DEATHEGG" and "THE DOOMSDAY" changed to the more sensible "DEATH EGG" and "DOOMSDAY" in level select.
  • Level Select now has the Data Select background, replacing the Sonic 2 SONIC/MILES pattern.
  • Sound effect F3 will now speed up music as if speed shoes were active when used in the level select.
    • F4 returns to normal speed, as does starting another track.


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Current version: 1.0

This version only works in some emulators.

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