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Mega Drive version

Invincibility music bug


If the player enters a Special Stage during invincibility, it's possible to come out of it with invincibility off but with the music continuing to play until the end of the Act.

Not fixed in any version.

Snowman killing bug


In Diamond Dust Zone, the player will run into several Snowmen Badniks that shoot snowballs. Generally, all they need to do is roll into them twice. The first hit makes them into a block of ice. The second hit releases the Flicky inside. However, if they run into one of the snowballs during the roll, they will lose Rings. Its possible to be hit a second time and lose a life without any opportunity to recover Rings. This video shows this glitch.

Not fixed in any version.

Secret Level Select bug

S3D MD Congratulations.png

If the Mega Drive is struck hard enough during gameplay or if a critical error occurs, the player will see a "You Have Found the Secret Level Select Screen" screen and the level select screen launches. It can also occur in an emulator if the player has a Sonic 3D Blast ROM open and tries to load a savestate from another game. Here is a video showing the both methods of accessing the screen. The music played is the Continue music, which is the results music in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 as well as the "No Way? No Way!" music from Blue Sphere.

This happens because all of the exception handlers are set to jump to the "Congratulations" screen.[1]

Not fixed in any version.


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