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{{Download|version=Public build 5.01|file=Sonic 1 With Fries- Public Build 5.rar|filesize=1.33 MB}}
{{Download|version=Public build 5.01|file=Sonic 1 With Fries- Public Build 5.rar|filesize=1.33 MB}}
{{file|‎|Source Release 2 (partial)}}
==Older Versions==
==Older Versions==

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Sonic 1 With Fries
Version: Public Build 5
Last release: October 13, 2009
System: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
ROM size: 4 Megabyte
Original game: [[Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)]]
Peripherals supported: N/A
Credits: Afti, Irixion, misc.

[[Category:Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) hacks]]

Sonic 1 With Fries is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis by Afti.

Newest Updates

  • Hacking Contest build is out
  • Clockwork Castle Zone reveal


  • Diverse movelist for traversing challenging terrain
  • 4MB ROM
  • Eight unique Zones
  • Incredible difficulty


It's Sonic. It doesn't need a story.

Oh, all right...

Dr. Robotnik has stolen the mystical Chaos Fries! These ancient junk foods were fried in Chaos Emerald-infused oil, making them objects of unlimited flavor! By using a Chaos Flavor Amplifier, Robotnik plans to draw the inhabitants of Mobius to his flying fortress, the Clockwork Castle, where they will be turned into robots! Are you a bad enough dude to save Mobius?!

...I told you it'd be better off without one. (!)



Sonic the Hedgehog

A blue hedgehog who runs at the speed of sound. Sonic hates injustice and suffering, but is hasty and somewhat quick to anger.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

An old acquaintance of Sonic's. Ray was on vacation in Dusk Drive Zone when Robotnik made his move, and teamed up with Sonic to stop him. Ray has apparently discovered psychic abilities or something during his time off- somehow, he can teleport. Nobody really knows how or why, including Ray.

Dr. Robotnik

An evil genius with an IQ of 300, Dr. Robotnik has constructed the Clockwork Castle, a massive, flying robot factory/palace. He'll try to beat Sonic in a machine at the end of each Zone.


  • Left: Move character left
  • Right: Move character right
  • Up: Look Up
  • Down: Duck
  • A: Jump
  • B: Quick Shot *
  • C: Jump
  • Down + C: Spin Dash
  • Up + C: Super Peel-Out * (Sonic only)
  • B in mid-jump with 50 Rings and 7 Chaos Emeralds: Transform into Super Sonic (Sonic only)
  • A in mid-jump: Static Curl (Sonic only)
  • A in mid-jump: Burst Warp (Ray only)

Super Sonic Exclusive

  • C: Power Boost *
  • A or B in mid-jump: Transform into Sonic

  • Moves marked with * must be unlocked at a certain point in the game.


Ring: Collect even one of these, and you can take damage without dying. Collect 100, and you get an extra life.

Chaos Emerald: Artifacts of unimaginable power. There are seven of these in total, but Robotnik has the last one. Keep the other six away from him at all costs.

Chaos Fry: These mystical foodstuffs are used to fuel Badniks.

Star Post: Hit one of these, and Sonic will start at it when you die.

Finish Line: This marks the end of the level.

Monitor: This high-tech device was constructed by Robotnik to keep Sonic from reaching helpful items. Destroy it and the containment field will be shattered.


File:Friesshield.PNG Shield: This item protects Sonic once from direct damage. After taking a hit, it will disintegrate.

File:Frieslograv.PNG Low-Grav Shield: This red-tinted Shield reduces gravity's effect on Sonic, allowing him to jump nearly twice as high until he takes a hit.

File:Fries shoes.PNG Super Sneakers: This item increases Sonic's speed and acceleration.

File:Fries10ring.PNG Super Ring: Provides 10 Rings.

File:Fries robotnik.PNG Robotnik: This harmful item damages Sonic.

File:Frieslife.PNG Extra Life: This item gives Sonic an extra life.

File:Friesanti.PNG Anti-Sonic: This monitor with a grey Sonic head on it takes away one life, and, if you're at one life remaining, causes an automatic Game Over! Avoid it at all costs!

Chaos Emerald: The Chaos Emeralds are hidden in Monitors throughout the Zones. Find them before Robotnik's creations do!

More items may be found within levels. If you see one you've never seen before, grab it!


  • Dusk Drive Zone: Wander through a beautiful city at sunset, moving deeper into Robotnik's territory!
  • Blazing Citadel Zone: Navigate the depths of Robotnik's steel foundry! Be careful- the liquid steel is HOT! One wrong step, and you're toast!
  • Septic Slide Zone: After being flushed into the sewers, make your way to the surface- but hurry! Robotnik's sewer system isn't well-maintained, and if you fall into the sewage, who knows what you'll find?
  • Paradise Palace Zone: Hidden away for centuries, this legendary city beneath the waves is on the verge of collapse. It could fall apart any second...
  • Azure Armada Zone: Navigate between Robotnik's many airships, and find one to commandeer and take to the Clockwork Castle!
  • Grand Gardens Zone: Explore the outside of Robotnik's flying fortress, making your way to its entrance! Make your way across narrow poles and slippery slopes, scaling the exterior of a giant machine!
  • Clockwork Castle Zone: Deep within the flying fortress is Robotnik's inner sanctum, a twisted-yet-beautful palace of machinery designed to destroy any hedgehogs that make it this far, elegant yet deadly. Deep within is the final battle with Robotnik's ultimate weapon...
  • ??? Zone: The final Zone is a mystery- you'll have to wait until the release to see what it is!



Nuggets of information on removed or changed content.

Scrapped Levels

Several originally intended levels are no longer in any form in the final game.

  • Titanium Tunnel Zone: An abandoned mine using Mystic Cave graphics was situated after the desert Zone. Removed because it wasn't anything interesting.
  • Desert Zone/Toxic Trail Zone:: A desert canyon Zone that was turned into a Zone set on a chain of polluted islands before removal.
  • Rocky Coast Zone: A one-Act tutorial Zone. Work was never even started before removal.
  • Septic Frost Zone: An unused Zone set in polluted ice caverns, Septic Frost was heavily reworked into Septic Slide. Septic Frost was extremely fast and fairly easy, whereas Septic Slide is a slow Zone with a lot of precise platforming and underwater sections, and is very difficult.
  • Icy Inferno Zone: Essentially a blue, snowy Marble. Removed because it was ponderous, slow, and generally boring.
  • Rust Realm Zone: Scrap Brain, only rusty. Removed due to being a rather uninspired concept. Replaced by Blazing Citadel.

Second Characters

I've tried to add another character twice, but decided against both. Recently, Ray the Flying Squirrel has been made a permanent feature.

Espio the Chameleon

At one point, Espio was intended to be playable. His code was nearly finished, including a chargeable super-jump and the ability to breath and move unhindered in water. He was removed due to being hideously overpowered.

Amy Rose

The second choice of a second character was Amy. She had a slower running speed and no way to gain speed quickly, but she also had ridiculous jump combos that allowed her to access secret paths. Removed early in development due to a decision against adding other characters.

Level Changes

Originally, Dusk Drive has a bleach-white palette. Septic Slide was green until recently, and had no metal.


Download.svg Download Sonic 1 With Fries
File: Sonic 1 With Fries- Public Build 5.rar (2.65 MB) (info)
Current version: Public build 5.01


Source Release 2 (partial) (info) (343 kB)

Older Versions

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