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Music and sound effects

Note: All data is little endian unless stated otherwise.


Music playback is handled by the external DLL MIDIOUT.DLL. Music tracks are stored in the DLL as "CMP" resources. These can be converted to and from standard MIDI files using SKC-Midi.


GetMidiInterface returns a pointer to a MidiInterfaceClass class. This class provides the following methods:

Function Description
BOOL init(HWND hwnd) Initialise the playback code. If playback reaches the end of a non-looping track, an application-defined message with an identifier of 0x464 is posted to the HWND supplied to this function.
BOOL loadSong(short id, unsigned int bgmmode) Loads the specified song into memory. Valid values for bgmmode are:
  • 0 = FM Synthesizer
  • 1 = General MIDI
BOOL playSong() Starts playback of the currently loaded song.
BOOL stopSong() Stops playback of the currently loaded song.
BOOL pauseSong() Pauses playback of the currently loaded song.
BOOL resumeSong() Resumes playback of the currently loaded song.
BOOL setTempo(unsigned int pct) Changes the tempo of the currently loaded song. The default tempo is 100.


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Once decompressed, tracks are stored using the following format:

Offset Type Description
0 4 bytes Time Division.
4 4 bytes Number of events.
8 4 bytes Unknown.
12 4 bytes Unknown.
16 8 * (number of events) bytes Array of MIDI events (8 bytes each)
Offset Type Description
0 4 bytes Event delta time.
4 3 bytes Event data. The purpose depends on the event type.
7 1 byte Event type. Can be one of the following values:
$00 MIDI Channel Event. The event data contains the numeric value and parameters.
$01 Tempo Event. The event data contains the sequence tempo in terms of microseconds per quarter-note.
$02 Loop Start/End. The event data is unused.

Sound effects

Sound effects are stored in the SONIC3K.DS2 file, in 8-bit unsigned Mono at 22kHz. This can be edited using SKCsnd.

The file format consists of a 32-bit integer containing the number of sound effects, followed by an array of 32-bit integers containing the length of each sound effect in bytes. After this is the sound data as raw PCM for each sound effect stored sequentially until the end of the file.


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