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Sonic and Johnny.png
Sonic & Johnny
Version: Rev 1.0
Last release: 10/17/2022
Status: Complete
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Lone Devil

Sonic & Johnny is a complete heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog by Lone Devil for the Sega Genesis. Featuring Johnny from Sonic Rush Adventure as a playable character that can be raced with Estimated Time Limits, New Zones with familiarity, Original Bosses, Sonic 1 Mode with slightly different layouts, and 2-Player Co-op that can be played without a second controller.


After Robotnik's dissatisfaction with Metal Sonic, Robotnik and his empire decided to own land, and reclaim all the Chaos Emeralds to mysteriously summon an individual from another dimension who calls himself Johnny. After being sold with Johnny's arrogant skills, Robotnik constructs a deal that would give Johnny the fame and recognition he always wanted by inviting him to his recently funded Atomic Stadium, an small island built for the strongest of racers with a special prize if one of the racers collects all Emeralds.

Sonic gets a report from Knuckles that his Emeralds is missing and later received a letter from Robotnik threatening Sonic to join his versus Grand Prix or else one of his friends will remain kidnapped forever. Sonic calls Tails to fly him to the nearest stadium to join the race to beat Robotnik's latest successor to Metal Sonic and find out what's really going on.


Classic Adventure Sonic Redux-2.png

Sonic the Hedgehog

Can't fix what isn't broken because he's Sonic! One difference is he accelerates instantly at max spindashes.

  • Down + A/B/C - Spindash
  • Jump + A/B - Dropdash (Shield only)
  • Jump + C - Super Transformation
Johnny the Pirate.png


The Sultan of Speed on his quest to prove to the crowd that no one is faster than him, His invulnerability lies in his running speeds like a torpedo.

  • Down + A/B/C - TurboJump
  • Up + A/B/C - Super Peelout / Quickdash (if let go early)
  • Jump + A/B - HoverJump (Shield only)
  • Jump + C - Super Transformation


SJmoniterRing10.png Gives 10+ Rings.

SJmoniterRing5.png Gives 5+ Rings, only found in Oracle Casino.

SJmoniterShield.png Gives a Shield that can be stacked up once, Absorbs Rings nearby, and Unlocks Sonic's Dropdash and Johnny's HoverJump.

SJmoniterSneakers.png Gives a burst of speed like your typical adrenaline rush until the music stops.

SJmoniterInvincible.png Gives Invincibility until the music fades.

SJmoniter1Up.png Gives an Extra Life.

SJmoniterEggman.png A hazardous trick that should be avoided.

SJmoniterS.png Your only chance of rescuing whoever Robotnik kidnapped is by breaking these monitors at any Act to enter Special Stages.

Additional Features

  • Specials Stages can only be entered by hitting an S-Monitor or collecting 100 rings into the Goalpost.
  • High Score Leaderboard with SRAM support, Set a New Record if all lives are lost or after-credits.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog can be replayed with slight differences by enabling Sonic 1 Mode at Options menu.

Fun Facts

  • Playing on NTSC-J or PAL will change the title logo.
  • Sonic 2 Level Select and Debug Mode cheats will work in their respective Sound Test menus.
  • For Co-op Mode solo, Holding Up stops the partner a.i and Pressing C while paused will unstuck yourself at the cost of a life to avoid softlocks.
  • Johnny can't drown nor TurboJump underwater.
  • Slowducking from Sonic 3 & Knuckles has been adapted for smoother spindashes.
  • Sonic & Johnny is a sequel to the SHC2017 Winner Metal Sonic Rebooted.


Use the Sound Test to activate any cheat, they get disabled if Options is entered again except Level Select & Debug Mode.

  • 02, 02, 04, 08 - Unchains Two Players in Co-Op turning your rival into a Tails-style partner, This is basically Easy Mode without the time limits.
  • 01, 03, 03, 07 - Unlocks Shield Abilities without a Shield.
  • 03, 06, 09, 12 - Gives you Sonic 1 Sonic while both characters receive speed caps, for S1 fanatics and for those looking for another challenge.
  • 08, 12, 20, 13 - Sonic becomes RedHotSonic, referencing the last release date of Sonic 2 Recreation.
  • 19, 65, 09,17 - Unlocks Level Select, When enabled Press A on Character Select screen.
  • 01, 01, 02, 04 - Gives 10 Continues.
  • 04, 01, 02, 06 - Have All Emeralds at the start. (Level Select's Sound Test only)
  • 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04 - Unlocks Debug Mode (Level Select's Sound Test only)
  • 05, 10, 15, 20 - Reset High Score Leaderboard (Level Select's Sound Test only)



  • 01: Megaman ZX Advent - Path to the Truth SMPS by Lil-G
  • 02: Outrunners - Niagara Falls
  • 03: Dynamite Headdy - Tower of Puppet
  • 04: McDonalds Treasureland Adventure - Space Chase
  • 05: Megaman ZX Advent - Dive into Depth SMPS by Lil-G
  • 06: Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 - Stage 8
  • 07: The Hybrid Front - Earth: PETO Fight BGM 2
  • 08: The Hybrid Front - Earth: PETO Fight BGM 1
  • 09: Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen - Mountain Peak
  • 0A: Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen - Overworld
  • 0B: Persona 4 - Junes MIDI by Jonas Evant & SMPS by Lil-G
  • 0C: McDonalds Treasureland Adventure - Train
  • 0D: Megaman ZX - Snake Eyes SMPS by Lil-G
  • 0E: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Laps 2
  • 0F: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Game Over
  • 10: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Pit-In
  • 11: Gunstar Heroes - Smash Daisuke
  • 12: Stellar Assault - Mission 5
  • 13: Megaman ZX Advent - Trap Phantasm SMPS by Lil-G
  • 14: Outrunners - Title Screen
  • 15: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Laps 3
  • 16: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Pit-Out
  • 17: Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine - Sega Logo
  • 18: Metal Head - Medallion
  • 19: Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine - Final Results
  • 1A: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Bay Bridge
  • 1B: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Fastest Lap
  • 1C: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Time Extend 1
  • 1D: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Sand Park
  • 1E: Virtua Racer Deluxe - Replay
  • 1F: Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen - As You Like It
  • 8C: Green Hill Zone Act 3
  • 8D: Labyrinth Zone Act 3
  • 8E: Marble Zone Act 3
  • 8F: Star Light Zone Act 3
  • 90: Spring Yard Zone Act 3
  • 91: Scrap Brain Zone Act 3


  • JdPense - Rival racer at the start&end of acts 1&2 + Partner a.i coding, Combi-Ring for Co-op mode, Every Boss coded, True Ending implementation, etc programming.
  • RandomName - Titlescreen Menu, Options Screen, and Level Select programming. Auto Spindash implementation, Sonic's Dropdash, and First Boss programmed.
  • Pacca - Hovering Grapple Object coded for the 2nd Zone.
  • ProjectFM - High-Score Leaderboard with SRAM implementation.
  • KCEXE - Music & SFX Ports from various Genesis games and modified Sonic 2 Clone Driver by Clownacy with expanded Music & SFX IDs.
  • Lil-G - Music for Sound Test 01, 05, 0B, 0D, and 13. (from Megaman ZX Advent & Persona 4)


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Current version: 1.03

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