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SonicX 35 JP TitleCard.jpg
Sonic X episode #35
"Sonic's Big Break"
Written by:
Directed by: Kazumi Fukushima
Production no.: 035
Country: Japan
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2003-11-30 ¥? ?

Escape From Prison Island is the 35th episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Sonic's Big Break. This episode is the third part of the series' adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2.


Sonic is locked away on Prison Island, under GUN's incredibly tight security. At least, it seems tight, until Chris and Tanaka use a swan boat to get well within radar range, and Dr. Eggman neutralizes the security camera feeds with the push of a single button. Eggman meets with Shadow and Rouge on Prison Island and outlines his plan: while he distracts GUN with a frontal attack, Shadow will plant explosives to blow up the entire island, and Rouge will retrieve the Chaos Emeralds that she claims are hidden in the base.

As Rouge and Shadow are about to enter the base, Amy arrives and hugs Shadow, mistaking him for Sonic. Eggman sends his allies ahead and threatens Amy, but Tails chases him off in the X-Tornado. The chaos escalates as Rouge makes her way towards the Emeralds, Chris and Tanaka scale the cliffs on the side of the island, Amy slips in on foot, and Tails enters the base with the X-Tornado in walker mode. Sonic, meanwhile, relaxes in his cell.

As Shadow sets the explosives on a ten-minute timer, Amy reaches Sonic. Though she is eager to rescue him, Sonic tells her he let himself be caught deliberately so he could find "the impostor," Shadow. When Amy reveals that the black hedgehog was with Eggman, Sonic breaks through his bars, and the two smash their way out. Sonic leaves Amy with Tails and Tanaka and heads off to find Shadow.

Sonic and Shadow meet in the forest by the base and fight again, this time more evenly matched. Meanwhile, Rouge defeats R-1/A FLYING DOG, but gets sealed in the base. Chris has also gone missing. Rouge's call for help gets only a refusal from Shadow, but when Eggman transmits a similar message that the island will explode soon, Sonic abandons the fight to evacuate everyone.

Chris finds Shadow in the forest, and soon realizes it isn't Sonic. But when he sees Shadow about to perform Chaos Control, he grabs onto him anyway and is teleported to Rouge along with him. Chris pleads Shadow to help prove Sonic's innocence; this reminds Shadow of when Maria once made a request of him, and he teleports all three of them away to safety. Sonic and the rest of his friends escape in the X-Tornado.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese As Grandes Férias do Sonic Sonic's Big Vacation

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