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Sonia the Hedgehog was a character made up for the animated television series Sonic Underground along with her brothers Sonic the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog. They try to defeat Dr. Robotnik. Sonia and her brothers were born the heirs to the throne of the world Mobius. Sonic and company try and retake the empire together and find their mother, Queen Aleena. Sonia plays the keyboard and is the most acrobatic of the group. She was raised in an aristocratic home, and thus grew up closest to the lifestyle she would have had if not for Robotnik.

Appearance and Personallity

Sonia is 16 years old, and she was born 3219 on Mobodoon. She is 3'2" tall and is a pink hedgehog. She hates dirt and mud and anything of the sort, and constantly complains about her hair getting ruined. Unlike her brothers, her hair is more fluffy where as Sonic's and Manic's is more spikey. Her hair is pink and her accesorites tend to be so as well. Her personallity is sometimes obsessive, and self-conscious about her fasions and looks. These traits being because of growing up with luxury and wealth. She is also has a tendancy to fall for every guy she meets. Sonia is very capable of taking care of herself and doesn't hesitate in taking on any challenge that may approch her and still come out on top. She also thinks things through and on many occasions have to help her brother Sonic out of his messes.


Sonia, Sonya, SAP (Spiny, Annoying, Princess)


Sonia is also the strongest of the group physically, despite her being a female, capable of lifting things that would make even Sonic strain. While she does not have super speed, Sonia can duplicate Sonic's spin attack, though she dubs it the Super Twirl. Sonia's vehicle of choice is a motorcycle, and her keyboard serves as a laser rifle. Sonia is also a karate expert and on many occasions uses it in self defence.

Love life

Sonia is the only Hedgehog in the series with any sort of love life. During the series, she shows romantic feelings for two recurring characters. The first is her former fiance, Bartleby, an aristocrat who serves as Robotnik's secondary lackey. She also shows some feelings towards Knuckles the Echidna. She is also the object of a crush from Robotnik's dumb muscle henchman, Dingo.

Known Relatives

  • Queen Aleena - Mother
  • Sonic Hedgehog - Brother
  • Manic Hedgehog - Brother
  • Sir Charles Hedgehog - Uncle
  • Aman-Rapi - Ancestor


Sonia's weapons are her Keyboard which, other than being used as her musical instrament, doubles as a laser rifle. Her Super Twirl that allowes her to accellerate into a whirlwind.