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Sonic Retro emblem.svg Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Sky Fortress Zone
Sonic4Episode2 SkyFortressZone.png
Sky Fortress Zone
Fourth Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Number of Acts: 4
Level themes: sky, flying fortress
Boss: Metal Carrier
Oil Desert Zone | Death Egg mk.II Zone
For the level in prototype versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, see Wing Fortress Zone.

Sky Fortress Zone is the fourth Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. After beating the heat in Oil Desert Zone, Sonic and Tails take to the skies with the Tornado to take on Eggman's newest airship.


The first Act involves flying like in Sky Chase Zone, and avoiding Metal Sonic all along the way as he attacks with an onslaught of Badniks from his own battle jet: the Metal Carrier. When playing as two players in this Act, Tails controls the Tornado and Sonic controls independently, while a single player does it old school with Sonic and the Tornado controlling together. The Tornado is capable of doing a spin attack which is required to break down barriers, but doing so makes Tails dizzy, preventing consecutive uses.

Near the end of the first Act, following a platforming section that Sonic must clear alone, Metal Sonic will shoot cannonballs from his ship in a last-ditch attempt to stop Sonic and Tails. These cannonballs can be avoided, and the heroes will eventually reach the Signpost on-board Eggman's ship and end the Act, but Sonic can knock the cannonballs back with a Spin Jump. By knocking back 8 cannonballs, Metal Sonic's ship will go down, thus ending the Act sooner and awarding the player(s) with the "Metal Sonic Falls" achievement/trophy.

The second and third Acts involve traversing the ship itself, much like in Wing Fortress Zone. The second Act has the heroes raid the deck, while the third Act takes them under the ship's belly at sunset, complete with light beam transportation systems like those seen in Sonic & Knuckles's Death Egg Zone.

"Sky Fortress Zone" was a prototype name for Sonic 2's Wing Fortress Zone, as evidenced by various prototype builds.


  • Act 1 - The Tornado Takes Off!
  • Act 2 - Infiltrating the Sky Fortress
  • Act 3 - Mile-High Mayhem
  • Boss - Showdown in the Skies


A supergiant flying fortress made to be the final line of defence. Can Sonic fend off the relentless chase from Metal Sonic in a high-altitude battle?

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II website[1]


Sonic4E2 Badniks Balkiry.png
Balkiry — Red bird jets dispatched from Metal Sonic's jet. Originally from Sky Chase Zone.
S4 Bubbles Sprite.png
Bubbles — A blue bubble Badnik used for Homing Attack chains. Red ones have retractable spikes.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Clucker.png
Clucker — Chicken Badniks that serve as the Sky Fortress' turret defenses, imported from Wing Fortress Zone.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Fullboar.png
Fullboar — A brand-new Badnik based on a boar.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Turtloids.png
Turtloids — Turtle Badniks dispatched from the Metal Carrier. They can be used as steppingstones. Originally from Sky Chase Zone.


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