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Sky Canyon
Sadv2 skycanyon.png
Sky Canyon
Fifth Zone, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level themes: mountain/canyon, sky
Boss: Egg Saucer
Maximum rings, Act 1: 382 + 52~150
Maximum rings, Act 2: 305 + 35~280
Non-English names:
  • JP: スカイキャニオン
Ice Paradise | Techno Base

Sky Canyon is the fifth Zone of Sonic Advance 2. As with other Zones in this game, Sky Canyon consists of two standard Acts followed by a boss Act.


As its name describes, Sky Canyon takes place on a floating landmass high in the sky, and as such is filled with the most bottomless pits out of all the Zones in Sonic Advance 2; as a result, one bad step spells instant death. At this point in the game, it is necessary for the player to have become familiarised with Trick Actions (hit a direction and R after being shot from a spring or ramp) as well as good timing and precision, as certain obstacles can be impossible to overcome without them.

This dangerous pit-laden Zone is also filled with all manner of alternating paths as well as many different types of fans. Small fans are placed on the edges of cliffs to stop the player from running off and blow them in the opposite direction, much like the fans in Star Light Zone; medium-sized windmill-like fans will catapult the player in different directions when run into; large fans will blow the player directly upward into the air, much like the large fan platforms seen in Wing Fortress Zone. Floating springs fill the air to serve as steppingstones, similar in function to the clouds from Sky Sanctuary Zone. Updrafts will carry the player upwards at specific points.


Madillo — An armadillo bot that rolls around on the ground.
Stinger — A returning Badnik from Sonic Advance. Flies through the air and shoots bullets at the player.
Straw — A hummingbird-type robot that comes in groups of threes similar to Whisps (doesn't appear in Easy mode).

Special Ring locations

The following are the locations of the Special Rings for access to the Special Stage in Sky Canyon. Detailed maps featuring the Special Ring locations can be found here.

Ring Act 1 Act 2
#1 Carefully jump across and take the high route from the start. After being launched upwards by a Dash Ring, use a Big Air Trick Action (Up + R) to go up, and then use another Big Air Trick Action to bounce on a floating spring and reach the first Ring. After being launched into the air by the ramp at the start, use a Trick Action to get on top of the tower that holds the first Ring.
#2 After the first Ring, take the highest possible route, leading to a path that leads left and keep going until the path leads right again. From #1, run down the path to the right, and hold Right when being launched upwards by the windmill fan.
#3 After the second Ring, continue along the highest-possible route. After being carried by an updraft, ignore the floating springs and continue to the right through two loops and onto a flying hook that leads to the next Ring. After Ring #2, get to the highest-possible path to a horizontal spring that leads to an upward rail. The third Ring is just above the spring.
#4 After #3, drop down the left and follow the path to the left. The windmills will lead up to the fourth Ring. After riding the rail from #3, the path will split in two. Take the lower path, then jump over the horizontal spring at the end of that path.
#5 After #4, return to the updraft used to reach #3, but this time bounce on the floating springs and use the Launcher. When bouncing on the spring on top of the loop, hold Right to go through the wall and ride an updraft to the fifth Ring. From the Checkpoint, bounce off the spring and take the highest rails, using Trick Actions to reach the higher rails. The fifth Ring is after the second set of rails.
#6 From the fifth Ring, go to the right and reach the top of the level, then carefully cross the floating springs and moving blocks to the left to reach the sixth Ring atop a tower. Ride the updraft that comes after #5 and keep following the highest route. The sixth Ring is underneath a short rail that comes before a Launcher.
#7 On the final path to the goal, carefully jump after passing the Speed Booster to reach the final Ring. Bounce up the floating springs before the final stretch. The final Special Ring is at the very top.


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