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| levelno=Sixth
| levelno=Sixth
| game=Sonic and the Secret Rings
| game=Sonic and the Secret Rings
| music=<flashmp3>Seven%20Rings%20in%20Hand/Adventure%20Disc/111%20THE%20WHITE%20OF%20SKY.mp3</flashmp3>
| music=[[The White of Sky]]<flashmp3>Seven%20Rings%20in%20Hand/Adventure%20Disc/111%20THE%20WHITE%20OF%20SKY.mp3</flashmp3>
| theme1=underground/cave
| theme1=underground/cave
| theme2=spooky/supernatural
| theme2=spooky/supernatural

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SatSR-Skeleton Dome.png
Skeleton Dome
Sixth level, Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level theme: underground/cave
Secondary level theme: spooky/supernatural

Skeleton Dome is the sixth zone of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic runs through a gladiator dome attacking skeletons and jumping over crates.

The entire level, inside and out, is the kingdom of King Solomon, who is supposingly suppose to appear a little similar to a Grim Reaper. Most likely, the skeleton enemies, in this stage, are his guards that turned on him when Erazor Djinn visited the king.


Event 1

They find King Solomon's head, Sonic believing he's dead and that they were late. "I should say so!" King Solomon shouted in extreme anger. Upset because of their tardiness to rescue him, he told them the story of Erazor Djinn's raid in the kingdom and the spell for switching sides from the king to him, or at least I think. In a way of repaying for their tardiness and to help get more out of the king, they agreed on getting the King's bones to reassemble the king in one.