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For the penultimate boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit), see Mecha Sonic (Scrambled Egg Zone boss).
Silver Sonic
Game: Sonic Mania
Affiliation: Eggman Empire
Hits to defeat: 1

Silver Sonic is a Badnik featured during the main boss of Sonic Mania's Stardust Speedway Zone. Its design is based on Mecha Sonic, the penultimate boss of the 8-bit versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which is also referred to as "Silver Sonic" in the game's US and EU manualsMedia:Sonic2 GG US manual.pdf[1].


Design-wise, the Badnik has a few differences from the boss on which it is based. Rather than matching Sonic's size, the Badnik is smaller, preserving the height of the original's 8-bit sprite rather than its scale in relation to the player's character. Also, rather than having an extendable claw arm concealed in its chest, the Badnik instead has two extendable claw arms at its sides, replacing the two vertical jet boosters the original boss had instead of actual arms.

Silver Sonic has three possible attack patterns: it will either attempt to attack the player with a Spin Dash, swipe at the player using its extendable claw arms, or dash forward using the jets on its boots until it hits the edge of the screen. If the player spins or jumps into Silver Sonic when it is performing a Spin Dash, it will ricochet around the arena, and will damage Metal Sonic if it makes contact; otherwise, it can be destroyed in a single hit like any other Badnik.

As of v1.04, destroying the Badnik will release four energy projectiles in an "X" pattern. These can also damage Metal Sonic if they make contact.


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