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Shield Pawn pictured on Chronicles wallpaper.

Shield Pawns are enemies faced by Sonic and team in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Found in the Blue Ridge Zone and within the ruins of Dr. Eggman's Metropolis fortress (and the yet further ruined ruins of Metropolis Ground Zero), these Eggman robots are hulking, armour-plated guard machines, with unimpressive attack stats but massive defense. During the game, these robots are never actually under Eggman's control, having been co-opted by Procurator Shade and the Nocturnus echidnas.

The robots have Robots (ground) elemental susceptibilities, rendering them weak against water and earth, while resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and wind. Shield Pawns have 180 HP and their POW moves are Shields Up and Quake.

In Metropolis Ground Zero, upgraded versions (Shield Pawn MK. II) appear. These have 360HP but are otherwise identical.

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