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Shadow the Hedgehog technical information
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The file nukkoro2.inf (located in the GCN and Xbox releases' filesystems) has important stage parameter values, such as player starting position, rank score threshholds, and mission objective counts and time limits.

Each stage entry starts with an internal name of the stage, followed by the applicable parameters.

Internal Name Stage
Practice Debug stages
City1 Westopolis
Circuit Digital Circuit
Canyon Glyphic Canyon
Highway Lethal Highway
HorrorCastle Cryptic Castle
PrisonIsland Prison Island
Circus Circus Park
City2 Central City
ARKPast1 The Doom
canyon2 Sky Troops
eWorld Mad Matrix
Ruins Death Ruins
ARKRuins1 The ARK
Sky Air Fleet
Jungle Iron Jungle
Space Space Gadget
ARKPast2 Lost Impact
GunsBase GUN Fortress
DoomsBase1 Black Comet
EggmansBase Lava Shelter
ARKRuins2 Cosmic Fall
DoomsBase2 Final Haunt
DoomsCore The Last Way
BossBK1 Black Bull (Lethal Highway)
BossEggMeka1 Egg Breaker (Cryptic Castle)
BossGUN1 Heavy Dog
BossEggMeka2 Egg Breaker (Mad Matrix)
BossBK2 Black Bull (Death Ruins)
BossGUN2 Blue Falcon
BossEggMeka3 Egg Breaker (Iron Jungle)
BossBlack_0610 Black Doom (GUN Fortress)
BossSonic_0611 Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress)
BossEggmanRobbo_0612 Egg Dealer (Black Comet)
BossSonic_0613 Sonic & Diablon (Black Comet)
BossEggmanRobbo_0614 Egg Dealer (Lava Shelter)
BossEggmanRobbo_0615 Egg Dealer (Cosmic Fall)
BossBlack_0616 Black Doom (Cosmic Fall)
BossBlack_0617 Black Doom (Final Haunt)
BossSonic_0618 Sonic & Diablon (Final Haunt)
BossLast Devil Doom
GUN2P_0800 2-Player stage 1
GUN2P_0801 2-Player stage 2
GUN2P_0802 2-Player stage 3
EVENT... Cutscene entries

Parameter Values Notes
PLAYER (Player number) XPOS YPOS ZPOS XANG YANG ZANG Player number; 0 = Player 1, 1 = Player 2.
STARTSPD (​​Player number) XSPD YSPD ZSPD Initial velocity the player starts with from the PLAYER spawn point.
STARTDEMO X "Demo play?"; value must be 0 or 1. Unused in nukkoro2.inf, but listed as a possible parameter in a nukkoro.inf comment line.
RANK_D (A score) (B score) (C score) (D score) The Dark point scores a player has to beat in order to earn Ranks.
RANK_N (A score) (B score) (C score) (D score) The Normal point scores a player has to beat in order to earn Ranks.
RANK_H (A score) (B score) (C score) (D score) The Hero point scores a player has to beat in order to earn Ranks.
GOALEVENTPOS_D XPOS YPOS ZPOS Dark results screen location.
GOALEVENTPOS_N XPOS YPOS ZPOS Normal results screen location.
GOALEVENTPOS_H XPOS YPOS ZPOS Hero results screen location.
GOALEVENTPOS_X XPOS YPOS ZPOS Expert results screen location.
MISSIONCOUNT_D X Y Dark mission counter values. X is the mission's "success counter" (number of items to find/destroy/etc. to complete that mission), Y is the mission's "failure counter" (usually a timer). A failure counter value of 0 will disable it.
MISSIONCOUNT_N X Y Normal mission counter values.
MISSIONCOUNT_H X Y Hero mission counter values.
MISSIONCOUNT_HARD X Y Expert mission counter values.
MIPMAPK X Mipmap value for textures.


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