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Secret Item from the PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed.

Secret Items are items found in Item CapsulesMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[1]Media:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[2] in the PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed. They are scattered all arround the world in Action Stages, Gaia GatesMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[3] and in the possession of certain villagersMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[4]. A Secret Item may be a Secret Illustration, a Secret Soundtrack, a Secret Movie or a Secret Document.


A library of Secret Items can be accessed in the "Extras" menu from the worldmapMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[1]. There, you can inspect your collected Secret Illustrations (concept art and development pictures of the enemies, zones and villagers), Secret Soundtracks (game's musics and jingles), Secret Movies (most of the game's cutscenes, excluding Gaia Temple scenes - when restoring planet shards - in Holoska, Spagonia, Chun-nan and Shamar) and Secret Documents (gameplay hints and tips on how to do certain things or find some of the Secret Items)Media:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[5]. The items you didn't collect will show instead information on where to find them: the continent's number and whether you can find them in a Day Stage, a Night Stage, or the local Gaia Gate.

Where ARE they?!
Collectibles are hidden throughout each stage. Can't seem to find one? The locations are shown on the Extras screen! Use that as a guide, and smash up any breakables you find!

Secret Document 19 - "Be a Thorough Collector", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

There is a total of 216 Secret Items in the game:
— 96 Secret Illustrations
— 48 Secret Soundtracks
— 36 Secret Movies
— 36 Secret Documents

Out of all the Secret Items:
— 150 of them are hidden in the Action Stages in every continent;
— 52 of them are placed behind the Item Doors in the Gaia Gates;
— 14 of them are handed to you if you talk to certain villagers (2 Secret Soundtracks in every continent except Eggmanland, where there is no village on the PS2/Wii version).

Some Give Gifts!
Many villagers will be on your side. If Sonic gets to be close friends with someone, they may surprise you with something nice. Try dropping in on old acquaintances, too.

Secret Document 20 - "Talk to the Villagers", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

The last obtainable mission (Secret Mission 25) - "Reach the goal unscathed!" Day Stage in Adabat - is unlocked when you get all Secret Items except Secret Movie 36, which you obtain in this level. Secret Missions 2, 6, 10 and 13 also require a certain number of items to be unlocked.

Once you collect a Secret Item during a Night Stage and finish the level, that specific Item Capsule will turn into a Blue Orbs Item Capsule for the next times you play that level. The same doesn't apply to the Day Stages and Gaia Gates, where the Item Capsules simply don't spawn again.

List of Secret Items

Secret Illustrations

Secret Soundtracks

(Find this tracks on Planetary Pieces: Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack)

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 1

Theme Song — The World Adventure - Orchestra Theme

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 2

Theme Song — Endless Possibility - Vocal Theme

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 3

Theme Song — Dear My Friend - Ending Theme

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 4

Day Stage — Windmill Isle

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 5

Day Stage — Cool Edge

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 6

Day Stage — Rooftop Run

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 7

Day Stage — Dragon Road

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 8

Day Stage — Arid Sands

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 9

Day Stage — Jungle Joyride

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 10

Day Stage — Eggmanland

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 11

Night Stage — The Battle: Theme of the Werehog

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 12

Night Stage — vs Titan and Big Mother

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 13

Night Stage — Intro: Windmill Isle

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 14

Night Stage — Windmill Isle

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 15

Night Stage — Intro: Cool Edge

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 16

Night Stage — Cool Edge

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 17

Night Stage — Intro: Rooftop Run

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 18

Night Stage — Rooftop Run

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 19

Night Stage — Intro: Dragon Road

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 20

Night Stage — Dragon Road

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 21

Night Stage — Intro: Arid Sands

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 22

Night Stage — Arid Sands

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 23

Night Stage — Intro: Jungle Joyride

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 24

Night Stage — Jungle Joyride

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 25

Night Stage — Intro: Eggmanland

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 26

Boss Stage — vs Boss - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 27

Boss Stage — vs Boss - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 28

Boss Stage — vs Egg Dragoon

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 29

Boss Stage — vs Dark Gaia

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 30

Boss Stage — Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 31

Village — Gaia Gate

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 32

Village — Apotos - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 33

Village — Apotos - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 34

Village — Mazuri - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 35

Village — Mazuri - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 36

Village — Holoska - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 37

Village — Holoska - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 38

Village — Spagonia - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 39

Village — Spagonia - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 40

Village — Chun-nan - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 41

Village — Chun-nan - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 42

Village — Shamar - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 43

Village — Shamar - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 44

Village — Adabat - Day

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 45

Village — Adabat - Night

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 46

Village — Eggmanland Entrance

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 47

Jingle — Stage Clear

SecretSoundtrackUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 48

Jingle — Boss Stage Clear

Secret Movies

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 1

The Werehog's Fall

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 2

Chip and the Chocolate Sundae

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 3

The First Night

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 4

Tails in Trouble! (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 5

The Kidnapped Professor

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 6

A Daring Rescue

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 7

The Gaia Manuscripts

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 8

Saving the Villagers

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 9

Showdown with Egg Beetle

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 10

A Continent Reborn (1/2/3)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 11

A Piece of the Planet Restored

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 12

A Case of Mistaken Identity

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 13

Amy's Shake-up

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 14

Saving Amy

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 15

Divine Beast vs Werehog

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 16

Divine Beast, Calmed (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 17

Gathering Them's A Pain

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 18

The Holoska Boss Appears

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 19

The Dark Gaia Project (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 20

Temple Terror (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 21

Do You Need A Reason?

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 22


SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 23

The Final Temple (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 24

Congratulations, Chip

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 25

Tails and the Professor Talk

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 26

Dr. Eggman's Final Assault (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 27

Dark Gaia Appears

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 28

Gaia Colossus (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 29

Dark Gaia Spreads Its Arms

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 30

A World Clad in Darkness (1/2)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 31

Perfect Dark Gaia and Super Sonic

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 32

Dark Gaia Crumbles (1/2/3)

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 33

Begin You Plans Anew

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 34

Save the Speech for Later!

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 35

Staff Roll

SecretMovieUnleashed.png Secret Movie 36

??? (the last obtainable item)

Secret Documents

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 1

The Power of the Were-Rush
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint01.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 2

Spot the Enemy's Weakness
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint02.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 3

Using the Right Jump
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint03.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 4

Exploit the Enemy's Weakness
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint04.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 5

Stomp Like You Mean It
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint05.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 6

Running Faster: Basic Tips
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint06.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 7

The Secrets of the Gaia Gate
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint07.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 8

Collecting More Sun Medals
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint08.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 9

Collecting More Moon Medals
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint09.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 10

When to Use the Guard Cancel
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint10.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 11

Getting the Most From Throws
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint11.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 12

Earning EXP as a Werehog
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint12.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 13

Unleashed Mode
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint13.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 14

Use Those Spikes
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint14.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 15

The Were-Claw Dash Attack
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint15.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 16

Use the Right (or Left) Punch
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint16.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 17

The Gaia Gates
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint17.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 18

Guarding Effectively
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint18.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 19

Be a Thorough Collector
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint19.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 20

Talk to the Villagers
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint20.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 21

Windmill Isle — Moonlit Town 1
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint21.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 22

Windmill Isle — Moonlit Town 2
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint22.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 23

Windmill Isle — Moonsoaked Alleys 1
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint23.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 24

Windmill Isle — Moonsoaked Alleys 2
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint24.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 25

Rooftop Run — Alleys of Spagonia 1
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint25.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 26

Rooftop Run — Alleys of Spagonia 2
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint26.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 27

Rooftop Run — Alleys of Spagonia 3
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint27.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 28

Dragon Road — Floating Shrine
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint28.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 29

Dragon Road — Rising Dragon Falls
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint29.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 30

Dragon Road — Path to Darkness 1
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint30.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 31

Dragon Road — Path to Darkness 2
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint31.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 32

Arid Sands — Scorched Rock 1
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint32.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 33

Arid Sands — Scorched Rock 2
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint33.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 34

Jungle Joyride — Heavenly Ruins 1
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint34.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 35

Jungle Joyride — Heavenly Ruins 2
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint35.png

SecretDocumentUnleashed.png Secret Document 36

Eggmanland — Dark Gaia Cauldron
SecretDocumentUnleashed imgHint36.png


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