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Scrap Brain Zone
  • Master System
  • Game Gear
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Scrap Brain Zone
Fifth Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)
Number of Acts: 3
Location: South Island
Level theme: industrial
Maximum rings, Act 1: 73 + 0
Sega Master System
/ 69 + 0
Sega Game Gear
Maximum rings, Act 2: 89 + 10
Sega Master System
/ 90 + 10
Sega Game Gear
Maximum rings, Act 3: 89 + 10
Sega Master System
/ 81 + 10
Sega Game Gear
Non-English names:
Labyrinth Zone | Sky Base Zone
For the 16-bit Scrap Brain Zone, see Scrap Brain Zone.

Scrap Brain Zone is the fifth Zone in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog. This Zone has three Acts like other Zones in this game, though the third Act is treated as a standard Act that ends without a boss.


This is the third Zone that is based on a Zone from the Mega Drive version, and is set within Dr. Eggman's trap-filled industrial base filled with the flame vents in the ceiling, electrical conductors and conveyor belts that Sonic must be wary of. The outdoor background is present in all three Acts, rather than using unique backgrounds for each Act.

This version of Scrap Brain Zone is more of a complicated puzzle-filled maze than anything. Act 2 is a somewhat open-ended level that spans multiple sub-levels, teleporters, and doors to rooms which can't be opened without stepping on a button which is difficult to reach in itself, then locate a teleporter from another sub-level to reach the opened room and reach the goal. Act 3 is a complicated maze, with doors that require the player to be on a certain side for them to open. Unlike all other third Acts in the game, Scrap Brain Zone's third Act contains Rings.

Curiously, there is no boss fight in this Zone. Upon reaching the end of Act 3, Sonic will chase Eggman to an escape platform which progresses the two to Sky Base Zone.


Finally, the entrance to Dr Eggman’s base. The traps are more radical than anything up to this point. Memorise the path and don’t go around in circles!!

Sonic the Hedgehog JP Game Gear manualMedia:Sonic 1 GG JP Manual.pdf[1] (translation by Vertekins)[4]

Soar past shimmering city lights. Then dash into a metal labyrinth that's full of dangerous booby traps. The conveyor belts are slippery — watch out!

Sonic the Hedgehog US Game Gear manualMedia:Sonic1 GG US manual.pdf[5]


Caterkiller — Its body is protected by spikes. Jump on its head to avoid taking damage.
Ball Hog — Pig bots that hop in place atop steep banks and roll balls down the slope.

Special item locations

The following are the locations of the Chaos Emerald and 1-Up monitors in each Act. Detailed maps featuring the locations of these items can be found here.

Chaos Emerald

The Chaos Emerald for this Zone is located in Act 2. Take the top path at the fork, and from the beginning of the upper sub-area, jump across the first two pits, and then drop into the third pit. This leads to a teleporter that leads to the Emerald.

1-Up monitors

  • Act 1: The first set of conveyor belts carries the 1-Up monitor, which will slide off into the bottomless pit below if the player doesn't grab it fast enough.
  • Act 2: After taking the bottom path at the fork and entering the lower sub-area, drop down to the bottom and take the left teleporter, returning to the first area and the 1-Up.
  • Act 3: Just before the top of the maze, take the right-most path to drop down to the bottom of the maze where the 1-Up is located.


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