Sand Oasis

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Sand Oasis
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Sand Oasis
First level, Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level theme: desert/western
Lost Prologue | Dinosaur Jungle

Sand Oasis is the first zone of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic runs through an Arabian desert town dodging magic pillars, enemies, and running through and on Arabian buildings. The music that plays in this zone is Let the Speed Mend It.


Event 1

Sonic and Shahra confront Erazor Djinn at Lost Prologue. He orders the genie to give him what was called the seven World Rings, at that time, she didn't know if they existed in the storybook. He launches a flame at Shara, and at defense, hits Sonic instead, which slowly drains his life and erases him from the book. As he escape, Sonic and Shraha follow him to this Arabian desert town, in search of the King/main character of the book.

Event 2

They find King Shahryar, hiding in a jar, inside his throne. He tells Sonic and Shahra that Erazor's henchmen raided the village, making everyone flee and abandon him in that jar. Because he was noticable, a dinoaur swooped down and took the King to Dinosaur Jungle.

Chasing after that dinosaur, they encounter an Arabian Nights character, who's named, Ali Baba. When they meet again, this time, they ask to go to the Levitated Ruin to rescue Ali Baba's friend, Sinbad, the Arabian Nights' greatest hero, most likely as great as Sonic, himself.

Event 3

Quicksand sink into the center of a small arena. Inside that quicksand was what was called King Scorpion. Sonic thinks of fighting it, just to get it out of the way. As to doing such a thing awarded them a yellow ring that Shahra couldn't pick up. A surge of an emotion soared through Sonic's body. They predicted that that djinn had a World Ring within' his body.


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