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Enable/Disable Tails in certain levels

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(Originally posted by Tamkis)

This is a really, really simple Sonic 2 how-to to help people enable Tails in any level (such as and including Death egg zone) or disable him in a level. For my purposes, we will use the S2 Xenowhirl disasm. Since you are reading this guide, I am assuming that you have already splitted your Sonic 2 rom, so first, let's open the s2.asm file. In the file, goto label "sub_446E" or "InitPlayers". Under here, you will find the following code:


	move.w	(Player_mode).w,d0
	bne.s	InitPlayers_Alone ; branch if this isn't a Sonic and Tails game

	move.b	#1,(MainCharacter).w ; load Obj01 Sonic object at $FFFFB000
	move.b	#8,(Sonic_Dust).w ; load Obj08 Sonic's spindash dust/splash object at $FFFFD100

	cmpi.b	#6,(Current_Zone).w
	beq.s	return_44BC ; skip loading Tails if this is WFZ
	cmpi.b	#$E,(Current_Zone).w
	beq.s	return_44BC ; skip loading Tails if this is DEZ 
	cmpi.b	#$10,(Current_Zone).w 
	beq.s	return_44BC ; skip loading Tails if this is SCZ''

	move.b	#2,(Sidekick).w ; load Obj02 Tails object at $FFFFB040
	move.w	(MainCharacter+x_pos).w,(Sidekick+x_pos).w
	move.w	(MainCharacter+y_pos).w,(Sidekick+y_pos).w
	subi.w	#$20,(Sidekick+x_pos).w
	addi.w	#4,(Sidekick+y_pos).w
	move.b	#8,(Tails_Dust).w ; load Obj08 Tails' spindash dust/splash object at $FFFFD140

To enable Tails in WFZ, DEZ, or SCZ, simply comment out the appropiate cmpi.b and beq.s pair at the lines with the comment "skip loading Tails if this is ___". To disable tails in any level, insert before or after those "skip loading Tails" lines:

	cmpi.b	#VAL,(Current_Zone).w
	beq.s	return_44BC

Where VAL is the corresponding level ID where you want to disable Tails. The IDs are as follows, from Nemesis' hacking guide

00 Emerald Hill Zone
04 Metropolis Zone
05 Metropolis Zone Act 3
06 Wing Fortress Zone
07 Hill Top Zone
08 Hidden Palace Zone
0A Oil Ocean Zone
0B Mystic Cave Zone
0C Casino Night Zone
0D Chemical Plant Zone
0E Death Egg Zone
0F Aquatic Ruin Zone
10 Sky Chase Zone

Also, if you want to disable Tails from Special stages in a Sonic & Tails game, goto and comment out the line underneath the label loc_514C:

	move.b	#$10,(Sidekick).w ; load Obj10 (special stage Tails)
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