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SCHG: Sonic Adventure 2

LandTable header format

This struct defines the number of models and animations in the level, the location of the corresponding lists, and the texture list used. The name comes from the label in the DLL Export table of various DLLs in the PC versions of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2.

Offset Type Description
0 Short COL Count
2 Short Chunk Model Count
4 Int? Unknown
8 Int? Unknown
C Float Unknown, usually 3000
10 Pointer COL List
14 Int? Unknown
18 Pointer Texture file name. Optional. If not null, a PVM with this name will be loaded to the address pointed to by the texture list pointer.
1C Pointer Texture List

The number of models indicated by the Chunk Model Count will be using the Chunk Model, and any models after that will be using the Basic Model. Generally, the visible models are nonsolid chunk models, and collision is solid basic models. In Battle, the main LandTables use a new model format in place of the Chunk Model.

COL format

The name COL is an antiquated misnomer, but for lack of a better name, it stuck. This data struct is a reference for loading a level model. It's 0x20 bytes long and works as follows:

Offset Type Description
0 Float[3] Center of collision sphere
C Float Radius of collision sphere
10 Pointer Model (OBJECT Struct)
14 8 Bytes Padding?
1C Int Surface Flags (see below)

Surface flags

These flags are not entirely figured out yet, but here's what is known for sure:
0x00000001 = Solid
0x00000002 = Water (ignores Solid bit)
0x00000004 = Ice
0x00000008 = Slow
0x00000010 = Less Slow
0x00000020 = Diggable
0x00000080 = Cannot Climb
0x00000100 = Ignore Slope
0x00000400 = Hurt
0x00001000 = Cannot Land Or Climb
0x00002000 = Other Water, Cannot Swim
0x00008000 = Don't Cast Shadow
0x00100000 = Something Weird
0x00400000 = Cannot Land 2
0x01000000 = Very Weird Collision
0x08000000 = Slow, Fall Off Edge, Cannot Climb
0x80000000 = Visible

Dreamcast Lighting data

0x20 bytes long. This is for lighting stored in stgXX_light.bin files. It begins with a direction vector (can be any length) followed by a float related to color multiplication and an ARGB color in floats. Direction vector should be thought of as moving from the point provided towards 0,0,0. Colors and/or multipliers should use the range 0-1F. Seems to always contain 12 sections.

Number Type Description
0 Float X Vector Component
4 Float Y Vector Component
8 Float Z Vector Component
C Float Color Multiplier
10 Float Alpha (Color Multiplier)
14 Float Red
18 Float Green
1C Float Blue

Gamecube Lighting data

0x30 bytes long. This is for lighting stored in stgXX_light_gc.bin files. Seemingly a way to extend the original lighting format using many of the same principles. Unlike Dreamcast lighting, it can hold 2 colors and does not use a multiplier value, instead relying solely on the color values for both. The first color is the directional while the second is the ambient. Following this is a u32 int flag which should be set to 0 unless you wish to ignore the data for that struct and use what the game loads for the Dreamcast version of the file from that section instead. If the Dreamcast file does not exist, parts of objects in that section that receive lighting will black from lack of lighting. Seems to always contain 12 sections to match with what it can override from its DC counterpart.

Number Type Description
0 Float X Vector Component
4 Float Y Vector Component
8 Float Z Vector Component
C Float Red (Directional)
10 Float Green (Directional)
14 Float Blue (Directional)
18 Float Red (Ambient)
1C Float Green (Ambient)
20 Float Blue (Ambient)
24 U32 Int DC override flag
28 U32 Int Unused? Leaving as 0 seems fine.
2C U32 Unk Unknown value; Leaving as 0 seems fine.

Light Data Usage

The following is a list of each stage and the lighting files they utilize, if applicable.

  • Red: File is called, but does not exist on DC
  • Yellow: File is called, but does not exist in SA2B
Stage File
Green Forest STG03_LIGHT(_GC)
White Jungle STG04_LIGHT(_GC)
Pumpkin Hill STG05_LIGHT(_GC)
Sky Rail STG06_LIGHT(_GC)
Aquatic Mine STG07_LIGHT(_GC)
Security Hall STG08_LIGHT(_GC)
Prison Lane STG09_LIGHT(_GC)
Metal Harbor STG10_LIGHT(_GC)
Iron Gate STG11_LIGHT(_GC)
Weapons Bed STG12_LIGHT(_GC)
City Escape STG13_LIGHT(_GC)
Radical Highway STG14_LIGHT(_GC)
Weapons Bed 2P STG15_LIGHT(_GC)
Mission Street STG16_LIGHT(_GC)
Wild Canyon STG17_LIGHT(_GC)
Dry Lagoon STG18_LIGHT(_GC)
Sonic vs. Shadow 1 N/A
Tails vs. Eggman 1 STG20_LIGHT(_GC)
Sand Ocean STG21_LIGHT(_GC)
Crazy Gadget STG22_LIGHT(_GC)
Hidden Base STG23_LIGHT(_GC)
Eternal Engine STG24_LIGHT(_GC)
Death Chamber STG25_LIGHT(_GC)
Egg Quarters STG26_LIGHT(_GC)
Lost Colony STG27_LIGHT(_GC)
Pyramid Cave STG28_LIGHT(_GC)
Tails vs. Eggman 2 N/A
Final Rush STG30_LIGHT(_GC)
Green Hill STG31_LIGHT(_GC)
Meteor Herd STG32_LIGHT(_GC)
Knuckles vs. Rouge N/A
Cannon's Core (Sonic) STG34_LIGHT(_GC)
Cannon's Core (Eggman) STG35_LIGHT(_GC)
Cannon's Core (Tails) STG36_LIGHT(_GC)
Cannon's Core (Rouge) STG37_LIGHT(_GC)
Cannon's Core (Knuckles) STG38_LIGHT(_GC)
Mission Street 2P STG39_LIGHT(_GC)
Final Chase STG40_LIGHT(_GC)
Wild Canyon 2P STG41_LIGHT(_GC)
Sonic vs. Shadow 2 STG42_LIGHT(_GC)
Cosmic Wall STG43_LIGHT(_GC)
Mad Space STG44_LIGHT(_GC)
Sand Ocean 2P STG45_LIGHT(_GC)
Dry Lagoon 2P (SA2B) STG46_LIGHT(_GC)
Pyramid Race (SA2B) STG47_LIGHT(_GC)
Hidden Base 2P (SA2B) STG48_LIGHT(_GC)
Pool Quest (SA2B) STG49_LIGHT(_GC)
Planet Quest (SA2B) STG50_LIGHT(_GC)
Deck Race (SA2B) STG51_LIGHT(_GC)
Downtown Race (SA2B) STG13_LIGHT(_GC)
Cosmic Wall 2P (SA2B) STG43_LIGHT(_GC)
Grind Race (SA2B) STG54_LIGHT(_GC)
Lost Colony 2P (SA2B) STG55_LIGHT(_GC)
Eternal Engine 2P (SA2B) STG29_LIGHT(_GC)
Metal Harbor 2P (SA2B) STG10_LIGHT(_GC)
Iron Gate 2P (SA2B) STG58_LIGHT(_GC)
Death Chamber 2P (SA2B) STG59_LIGHT(_GC)
Flying Dog STG50_LIGHT (DC only)
King Boom Boo STG50_LIGHT (DC only)
Egg Golem (Sonic) N/A
Biolizard STGBL1_LIGHT(_GC)
FinalHazard STG56_LIGHT(DC)/ STG66_LIGHT(_GC)(SA2B)
Egg Golem (Eggman) N/A
Route 101/280 N/A
Kart Racing N/A
Chao World STG50_LIGHT (DC only)
Chao Garden STG50_LIGHT(DC)/ STG13_LIGHT(_GC)(SA2B)

Fog Data (16 and 528 byte versions)

There are 2 variations of the fog format with the second 528 byte variant usually being "fogB", though not always. In the PC version, only the initial 16 bytes are used regardless. It is speculated that the remaining data in 528 byte fog files is unused garbage data or related to fog falloff in some way in the Dreamcast release. The format is rather simple, seeming to have two u16 ints as parameters to start, the color, and then then the near and far distance. These seem to affect clipping on certain special bits of geometry like Metal Harbor water.

At the Maximum Fog Effect Distance from the player, geometry will be purely the color picked for the fog. Up to that point from the Minimum Fog Effect Distance, a gradient of fog is made. This is negative in many levels to make the fog more dense close to the player.

Number Type Description
0 U16 Int Fog Type (Usually 02)
2 U16 Int Fog Param 2 (Usually 02)
4 Char Array[4] ASCII Color (ARGB), Alpha ignored
8 Float Maximum Fog Effect Distance
C Float Minimum Fog Effect Distance

Fog File Usage

The following is a list of all stages and the fog files they utilize, if applicable.

  • Red: File is called, but does not exist in either version
  • Yellow: File is called, but does not exist on DC
  • Aqua: File is called, but does not exist in SA2B
Stage File
Green Forest STG03_FOG (SA2B only)
White Jungle STG04_FOG
Pumpkin Hill STG05_FOG
Sky Rail STG06_FOG
Aquatic Mine STG07_FOG, STG07_FOGB
Security Hall STG08_FOG, STG08_FOGB
Prison Lane STG09_FOG
Metal Harbor STG10_FOG, STG10_FOGB
Iron Gate STG11_FOG, STG11_FOGB
Weapons Bed STG12_FOG
City Escape STG13_FOG
Radical Highway STG14_FOG
Weapons Bed 2P STG15_FOG
Mission Street N/A
Wild Canyon STG17_FOG
Dry Lagoon STG18_FOG, STG18_FOGB (B is only called on DC)
Sonic vs. Shadow 1 STG19_FOG
Tails vs. Eggman 1 STG20_FOG
Sand Ocean STG21_FOG
Crazy Gadget STG22_FOG
Hidden Base STG23_FOG
Eternal Engine STG24_FOGA
Death Chamber STG25_FOG, STG25_FOGB (B is only called on DC)
Egg Quarters STG26_FOG, STG26_FOGB, STG26_FOGC (B and C are only called on DC)
Lost Colony STG27_FOG, STG27_FOGB
Pyramid Cave STG28_FOG
Tails vs. Eggman 2 STG29_FOG
Final Rush STG30_FOGA, STG30_FOGB
Green Hill N/A
Meteor Herd STG32_FOG (SA2B only)
Knuckles vs. Rouge STG33_FOG
Cannon's Core (Sonic) N/A
Cannon's Core (Eggman) STG35_FOG (DC only)
Cannon's Core (Tails) STG36_FOG (DC only)
Cannon's Core (Rouge) STG37_FOG, STG37_FOGB (DC only)
Cannon's Core (Knuckles) STG38_FOG, STG38_FOGB
Mission Street 2P STG39_FOG
Final Chase STG40_FOG (SA2B only)
Wild Canyon 2P STG41_FOG
Sonic vs. Shadow 2 STG42_FOG
Cosmic Wall STG43_FOGA
Mad Space STG44_FOGA, STG44_FOGB
Sand Ocean 2P STG45_FOG (DC only)
Dry Lagoon 2P (SA2B) STG18_FOG
Pyramid Race (SA2B) STG23_FOG
Hidden Base 2P (SA2B) N/A
Pool Quest (SA2B) STG49_FOG
Planet Quest (SA2B) STG50_FOGA, STG50_FOGB
Deck Race (SA2B) STG51_FOG
Downtown Race (SA2B) STG52_FOG
Cosmic Wall 2P (SA2B) STG53_FOG
Grind Race (SA2B) N/A
Lost Colony 2P (SA2B) N/A
Eternal Engine 2P (SA2B) STG29_FOG
Metal Harbor 2P (SA2B) STG10_FOG, STG10_FOGB
Iron Gate 2P (SA2B) STG58_FOG
Death Chamber 2P (SA2B) STG25_FOG
Big Foot N/A
Hot Shot N/A
Flying Dog STGFD_FOG
King Boom Boo N/A
Egg Golem (Sonic) N/A
Biolizard N/A
FinalHazard N/A
Egg Golem (Eggman) N/A
Route 101/280 CART_FOG (SA2B only)
Kart Racing N/A
Chao World N/A
Chao Garden N/A


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