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TV Previews

# Snapshot Description Conclusion
T01 S2Beta:Nick Arcade Episode!Tv nick00.jpg An Nick Arcade episode featured a prototype version of Sonic 2. Weird things about it include Star Light music when playing Emerald Hill, missing Tails, a missing building in Chemical Plant, and weird zone layouts. Earlier prototype
T02 S2Beta:Mean Machines Sega VHS!Tv us0.jpg Captured from a VHS cassette that came with an issue of Mean Machines Sega. Part of the video exposes the bugs in various levels in Sonic 2 prototype. Newer prototype
T03 S2Beta:Sonic 2 Spanish Promotional VHS!Tv.3.jpg A Spanish video showing final Sonic 2 sprites in prototype levels such as Hidden Palace. Newer prototype

The videos provide a lot of information, and allow us to put together a timeline showing which prototypes are older and which are newer.