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Robot Storm
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Robot Storm
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Mystic Mansion

Robot Storm is the sixth boss of Sonic Heroes, occuring after the twelfth level, Mystic Mansion.

It's basically the same boss as Robot Carnival. However, there are some differences since it's set in a different stage theme. After defeating a group of robots, a cannon or a gravity flipping device will be unlocked so the player can move to a new arena to destroy yet another group of robots.

Like Robot Carnival, Robot Storm is a breeze for Team Chaotix. However, a portion was added only for them to make the level a little more challenging. During the fourth leg of the Storm, Team Chaotix must use a cannon to destroy a group flying enemies and three Falcos that are off the stage. The cannon usage can be easily avoided, however, if the player changes to Fly formation, grinds on the outer rail, and uses Thunder Shoot.



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  • At the end of Mystic Mansion, Team Sonic and Team Dark find themselves outside on top of the castle, and it's daytime. However, in Robot Storm it's night time again.
  • During the opening scene for Team Chaotix's battle, after Vector calls "Eggman" a "Mustached Moron", the mysterious speaker will say "Mustached moron?! I am the world's greatest... Err umm take him out quickly!". This shows the player who he really is if they haven't figured it out yet.


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