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Red Eye
Red Eye
Game: Sonic & Knuckles
Level: Death Egg Zone (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 16 (8 for First Form, 8 for Second)
Fought by: Sonic and/or Tails

Red Eye (レッドアイ)[1] is one of the Death Egg Zone mini-bosses of both Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It is playable as Sonic and Tails in normal gameplay. The boss has two different forms that must be defeated to progress to the second act of Death Egg Zone and the end of the game.

Knuckles cannot fight this boss by normal means due to his game ending at Sky Sanctuary Zone, though he is able to via the Level Select. However, Knuckles cannot reach the boss due to his shortened jump height, but with debug mode, it is possible to reach and hit it.


First form

The player enters the room of the boss to see a giant red eyeball staring at them from the top of a pillar, then several spheres drop from the ceiling, spinning and surrounding it. The spheres then drop to the floor, continuing to spin in a widening and thinning circle. While they're doing this, the player has the chance to attack by hitting the eyeball. Every time the player does so, a sphere explodes and sends spiked projectiles in 8 directions. Occasionally the spheres will rise back up from the floor and surround the eye again, protecting it until they lower again. Much like the boss for Metropolis Zone, the fewer spheres there are on-screen, the easier the boss gets to hit, until the player gets the last hit on the eye and the last ball explodes. This sets off an explosion at the top of the pillar around the eye. Is the boss defeated? No, it's time for the...

Second form

In the second form, two spiked-beneath platforms appear from behind the Eye—now in a contained floating unit—and circle it slowly. The player once again has to attack the eye. As soon as it is hit however, the boss goes insane—it makes a squealing noise, the platforms zoom around the central unit incredibly fast and the central unit fires a continuous laser beam at the floor, forcing the player to beat a hasty retreat to either side of the boss arena, where the unit cannot quite reach. Eventually it will calm down and go back to the slow platform circling pattern mentioned earlier. The player can also stay on a platform and hit the eye as it moves to the left side of the area from the centre. While the platform is low (or spinning when the player is on them) the laser cannot hit the player. Also, with the platforms zoomed out, this just causes the player to switch between platforms as they catch the edge of the screen; on the other hand, they must not do this when the eye moves the other way or they will get spiked instead. A few more hits and the boss will once again explode—for good, this time—leaving the player to take any bonuses revealed by the final falling End of Act sign. The character playing the level then moves to the middle of the room, and as the floor crumbles beneath him, landing on a spinning teleport that sends him up into the air, landing at the start of Act 2.

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