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Red Canyon
Red Canyon.PNG
Red Canyon
Second Babylon track, Sonic Riders
Level themes: tropical island, mountain/canyon
Played as: Wave
Opponent: Amy Rose
Non-English names:
  • JP: レッドキャニオン
Night Chase | Ice Factory

Red Canyon is the second Babylon story racecourse in Sonic Riders.


Bustling in on Tails' techno-babble explanation of Extreme Gear aerodynamics (just as she did in the Heroes' Splash Canyon cutscene), Wave this time admits to herself that the fox's handiwork on Sonic's Blue Star isn't bad for an amateur. Still, preferring not to take any chances, Wave calls the board a "piece of junk", and secretly plants a miniature bomb on the board for good measure.

Apparently taking place in the evening after Tails' match against the E-10000Gs, the Red Canyon race itself pits Wave against Amy and several more E-10000G robots.


A sunset race through Splash Canyon's tropical waterfalls, the stage features the same roaring rapids and wooden bridges as its Hero story counterpart, although the track diverges into a cave system and the racers can make use of a giant waterwheel to facilitate movement between different parts of the course.

Coincidentally or not, Red Canyon is also the name of a course in another futuristic hover-racing series, F-Zero, whose GameCube iteration was developed by Sega (though in that particular game, the course was only playable in story mode).


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Mission Objective Character Time limit Emblem requirements
Gold Silver Bronze
Mission 1 Perform tricks to get 12 or more points to excite the crowd before Wave catches up. Cream 1'10"00 18 points 16 points 12 points
Mission 2 Collect 8 or more pieces of junk before Wave appears. Sonic 1'10"00 12 pieces 10 pieces 8 pieces
Mission 3 Reach the goal in 65 seconds. Knock away obstacles in your path! Knuckles 1'05"00 x'xx"xx x'xx"xx 1'05"00
Mission 4 Use Air Ride to pass through 8 or more Rings and reach the goal. Tails 1'05"00 15 Air Rides 12 Air Rides 8 Air Rides
Mission 5 Reach the goal with over half of your Air left. Tails 1'20"00 x Air x Air x Air
EXTRA 3 Mission 2 Grind 8 or more times to get the treasure before Jet appears. Sonic 1'10"00 14 grinds 12 grinds 8 grinds


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