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Rainy Savanna
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Rainy Savanna
Eighth course, Sonic Drift 2
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Rainy Savanna is a racecourse in Sonic Drift 2 for the Sega Game Gear. This stage is the second track of the White Chaos GP - White being the intermediate of the three tournaments - coming after Desert Road and before Ice Cap. Unlike the majority of races in the Chaos Grand Prix, this isn't a three-lap circular course; the objective is simply to get across the plain ahead of everyone else. And the winning racer gets a Chaos Emerald!

The scorching dunes of Desert Road peter out to a sub-Saharan veldt - and right in the middle of monsoon season! Rainy Savanna's skyline is filled with pitch-black clouds, driving rain, and peels of lightning that wash out the entire screen.

As might be expected of a racecourse in the middle of a storm, the track is on occasion waterlogged by huge puddles - although these don't actually do much more to your driving than making the characters damp.


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