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| system=[[sega:PlayStation 4|PlayStation 4]], [[sega:Xbox One|Xbox One]], [[sega:Nintendo Switch|Nintendo Switch]], PC
| publisher=[[Sega]]
| developer=[[Sonic Team]]
| genre=Action
| releases=
{{release|PS4|US|Holiday 2017||}}
{{release|XOne|US|Holiday 2017||}}
{{release|PC|US|Holiday 2017||}}
{{release|Switch|US|Holiday 2017||}}
'''''Project Sonic 2017''''' is the working title of [[Sonic Team]]'s next game. Like ''[[Sonic Generations]]'', the game will feature both the pre-''[[Sonic Adventure]]'' and post-''Adventure'' designs of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite the similarity, it won't be a sequel to the aforementioned game.
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