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SA-55 Ergo.jpg
First seen: Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Species: Eggman Robot
Gender: N/A, referred to as male
Height: 87cm (2'10")[1]
Weight: 30kg (66.1lbs)[1]

Orbot (オーボット), formerly known as SA-55 or "Ergo" to fans, is a small robotic assistant of Dr. Eggman, appearing in cutscenes during Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours and later games. He and fellow aide Cubot have since become Eggman's staple underlings in the "Modern" continuity since Sonic Colours.

The robot was not actually given a name until Sonic Colours, going through Unleashed merely as a nameless droid. Fans called him "Ergo" on account of his propensity to use the word frequently while dissecting Eggman's plans. SA-55 was the name used in the script of Sonic Unleashed, as revealed on the BumbleKing forums by Ian Flynn (head writer of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic).

Game appearances

Sonic Unleashed

The diminutive droid is a fixture of Eggman's control consoles for most of the game, relaying information to the Doctor and making sure the processes of his plans are carried out correctly. When inactive, he folds up into a sphere, and pops back up whenever Eggman needs someone to yell orders at. Although he is always obeys the Doctor's commands, Orbot is utterly, comicly tactless in criticizing his master when Eggman's plans go awry, and even laughs openly when the scientist takes a rock to the skull in Mazuri. Orbot's cynical opprobrium frequently proves annoying to the Doctor, prompting him to make flustered defences about how "That was... err... all part of my plan! Part of the big picture! Where's the fun in having my plans succeed without any challenge?!". In the final cutscene beside the wrecked Egg-O-Matic, as the robot lists all the ways in which the scientist's plans have once again failed miserably, Eggman finally snaps and chases Orbot off into the sunrise.

Sonic Colours

Orbot's official name, and news of his impending inclusion in Sonic Colors, first came in a Sega blog post by ArchangelUK. In this game, Orbot's upper hemisphere has been recoloured from white to red, matching his gloves, his personality is more refined and less sarcastic, and he is joined by Cubot, a bumbling, annoying, cubic foil with a dodgy voice chip.

Sonic Generations

Orbot and Cubot make a short appearance in Sonic Generations. In a flashback narrated by the modern Dr. Eggman, it is explained that after being sent into deep space at the end of Sonic Colors, Dr. Eggman and his hench-bots encountered a primordial form of what eventually became the Time Eater. Detecting its unique abilities to erase time and space, Eggman immediately schemes to exploit it for his own benefit. Orbot and Cubot are last seen pushing Eggman's crippled Eggmobile into the anomaly before it disappears with their creator.

Sonic Lost World

Orbot and Cubot somehow return from space to accompany Dr. Eggman once again in Sonic Lost World. When the Deadly Six rebel against Eggman, Orbot and Cubot manage to escape (although Cubot loses his body) and accompany Sonic and Tails. In Frozen Factory, Orbot tries to give Cubot some replacement bodies, such as a snowman and a Crabmeat, that don't work out. When Tails is kidnapped by the Zeti, Orbot tries his best to cheer Sonic up, even offering to be his sidekick, and later Eggman attaches Cubot's head to Orbot's body. At the end of the game, Orbot and Cubot pull Eggman out from the ground after his fall, and return home so Cubot can be repaired.

Sonic Runners

Orbot continues to assist Dr. Eggman during the story of Sonic Runners, where he would command Eggman's Badnik hordes during their hunts for Animals to use as power sources. Whenever encountering Team Sonic however, Orbot was met with failure, leaving him to be scolded by Eggman. In the endgame, Orbot sets up a trap for Team Sonic at Eggman's HQ, but that fails thanks to Cubot going on strike and telling Team Sonic about it.

Sonic Forces

Orbot once again makes minor appearances in the story of both Sonic Forces and its prequel comics. In the comic, he's the one that helps discover the Phantom Ruby's readings outside of Dr. Eggman's base. He then rejects many of the names Cubot suggests for it. In the game, Orbot was hard at work in Eggman's base while Eggman was ranting about his hatred for Sonic. When Eggman said he would take over the world, Orbot admitted that Eggman actually meant it this time. He witnessed the destruction of the Death Egg alongside Cubot, Eggman, and Infinite, and attempted to flee with Eggman when the latter suggested they do a "tactical retreat". Orbot left Metropolis when Infinite opened a portal into Null Space, which sucked Sonic and the Avatar into it. After they escaped Null Space however, Orbot attempted to warn Eggman when he saw them return, with Eggman realizing Sonic's escape when turning to face Orbot. Orbot then fled with Eggman, after smacking Cubot on the head for lagging behind.

Sonic Frontiers

Orbot does not appear in the game but is mentioned in a conversation between Eggman and Sage. Orbot is also seen in the game's prequel comic Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

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Sonic Boom

Orbot and Cubot appear as major characters in the Sonic Boom TV series, looking virtually unchanged from their main series counterparts. The two have had a few episodes focusing on themselves, including searching for Eggman after he goes missing, and being uploaded to a computer game to defeat a virus named Nominatus.[2] In an episode where Orbot and Cubot found prototypes of Cubot, Eggman revealed some secrets. Eggman was never able to perfect the Cubot series, so he gave up and moved onto the Orbot series. He considers the final Orbot to be the perfect Cubot.[3] Orbot temporarily downloaded an evil text book once directly into his memory. He started calling himself the evil Dr. Orbot, but Cubot didn't like his new personality and reset him back to normal.[4]

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

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Sonic Prime

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