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Old Sonic
First seen: Sonic the Comic #86 (1996)
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Series: Sonic the Comic

Old Sonic is a character who appears in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic series. He was an elderly hedgehog who claimed to be Sonic the Hedgehog from 50 years into the future, but was later revealed to be a clone created by Dr. Robotnik to defeat the Freedom Fighters.

Personality and traits

Old Sonic retained most of the same traits as the original Sonic, as well as all of his abilities such as his super speed. However, use of his super speed tired him out and wore out his body quicker. His appearance was also much like the younger Sonic's, but his fur was a paler blue colour and wrinkled, and sported white whiskers growing from his chin, while also wearing glasses and slippers.


One time, when Sonic was captured by Dr. Robotnik, the evil genius took a cell sample from him (with the assistance of Grimer) and used it to create a duplicate in his laboratory with the purpose of giving Sonic a bad name. However, the clone aged too rapidly, so Robotnik instead brainwashes him with a false memory of being from a future which "held no hope for outlaws", and was then sent to the Freedom Fighters to lure them into a trap, making his entrance by saving Sonic from drowning in a swamp.

Sonic refused to believe that this Sonic was himself from the future, though a DNA test "proves" that he is indeed Sonic. He explains his fabricated story to the Freedom Fighters, explaining that in the future, a drill-shaped weapon was deployed in the Candlewick Green Zone and killed the Freedom Fighters, leading to Mobius falling under an even worse rule by Robotnik, and Sonic blamed himself for his losses. After being held prisoner for years, he broke out, travelled back in time somehow, and now needs the Freedom Fighters' help in preventing the weapon's creation. The younger Sonic doesn't believe any of it, convinced that he would never recklessly put his friends in danger like that, and refuses to help, running off while the rest of the Freedom Fighters go with the older Sonic.

It is then revealed that the old Sonic led the Freedom Fighters into a trap, telling them that the only hope for peace is to follow Robotnik. The evil dictator then gleefully confesses to the old Sonic that he is actually a clone and is not actually from the future at all. Horrified by the revelation, Old Sonic escaped to warn the real Sonic and tell him the real story, though his escape caused his body to wear out faster, turning his blue fur paler. The two hedgehogs team up to rescue their friends, only to be ambushed by Robotnik. Old Sonic took care of Robotnik while Sonic went for his friends, trapping the battle-craft in a high-speed cocoon. Extensively using high speed accelerated his already rapid aging to the point that after he was done, he collapsed from exhaustion and passed away, though Sonic was willing to find him help, forgiving him for his earlier trickery because he pulled through when the others needed him. After his death, Old Sonic's body transformed into pure energy and ascended to the stars.


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