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Newtrogic High Zone
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Newtrogic High Zone
Overworld attraction, Chaotix
Boss: Chaotix penultimate boss
Prerequisite: Isolated Island
Non-English names:

Newtrogic High Zone is the setting for most of Chaotix - with the exception of the first level, Isolated Island, which depicts Knuckles and Espio's approach to the area. The US and Japanese manuals tell completely different stories about the Zone's provenance, but the latter states that it's a resort spot where a fortress was constructed by Dr. Eggman in order to (somehow) expedite his search for the Chaos Rings. It is presumed to be destroyed after the the events of the game.


The Attraction Information room encountered when proceeding to the right.

Functioning as a sort of playable options screen for Chaotix, Newtrogic High Zone's entrance, known as World EntranceMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[2] (ワールドエントランスMedia:Chaotix 32X JP manual.pdf[3]) in the game's stage select and manuals, is where the player(s) starts on loading up a save file. Upon spawning at the entrance, the player(s) will be greeted with two signs with "PLAY" and "EXIT" on them. Following the "EXIT" sign to the left will end the game and return the player(s) to the title screen. If saving has been set to "Manual" on the Data Load screen, the player(s) will need to pass the "EXIT" sign to save their game.

Following the "PLAY" sign to the right will lead the player(s) inside a building and to the Attraction Information room, which tracks their progress in each of the attractions so far. From here a second member of the Chaotix can be plucked from the Combi Catcher in the next room, and following that the semi-random level selector determines which of Newtrogic High's five constituent attractions are to be played next. To select an attraction, a player must hit the bumper on the mechanism to slow the roulette to a stop. Once the attraction has been chosen, the player(s) will automatically perform a Spin Dash as a launcher catapults them to their destination.

When all five attractions have been fully cleared, the apparently harmless level select machine ends up functioning as the penultimate boss battle, when Metal Sonic Kai interfaces with a hidden docking mechanism and pits the substance of the level itself against the player(s).


Between each stage you visit the World Entrance. Here you can choose to end your game, select a new partner, and choose a new stage. Just follow the signs.

Chaotix US manualMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[2]


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In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

Newtrogic High Zone is featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog: Fang the Hunter mini-series by IDW Publishing. After a failed lead on Angel Island, Fang the Hunter and his cohorts Bean and Bark arrive at Newtrogic High Zone to find one more lead on the mythical eighth Chaos Emerald to discover that the fortress has fallen into a decrepit state and is gradually sinking into the ocean since its abandonment, with various equipment no longer functioning properly. The group almost drown in the Attraction Information room as it flooded with seawater with the Marvelous Queen not having enough battery power for an escape, only to be captured by Dr. Eggman on the basis that they were trespassing on his territory.



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