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Mobius Adventures
Last release: 07/09/2008
System: Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 948 KB
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: DalekSam, STE, MarkeyJester,
Master3k, MechaAshura

Mobius Adventures is a Sonic 1 ROM hack, lead by DalekSam and STE.

List of changes and credits

List of changes to Sonic 1, as of 15th August 2008:

And to all of Sonic Retro for comments, criticisms and being awesome.


On the quiet planet of Mobius, havoc is wreaked again. Dr. Robotnik, the sinister scientist, is wanting to destroy Sonic, again. However, he finds that his old robot, Metal Sonic, has rebelled against him! But Sonic is now a father; his child, Sonic Jr, has the same intentions that his father had; to stop Robotnik taking over Mobius.

Over the years, Dr.Robotnik has had numerous attempts to take over Mobius. But when Sonic Jr was at school, a news broadcast went on the radio: "Breaking news! Dr. Robotnik has launched another attack on Mobius, with his old base from 15 years ago! Let's just hope our blue hero, Sonic defeats him again!" Sonic Jr took it to mean he was to save Mobius, not his father. Meanwhile, Metal found himself in the luxurious Plush Hill Zone...


Note: Metal Sonic does not have his own moves yet.

  • Down: Look down
  • Up: Look up
  • Left/Right: Move to the left/right
  • B/C: Regular Jump
  • A: Uppercut (Still a Work in Progress)
  • Down+A/B/C: Spin Dash
  • If playing 32x version:
    • Down+A/B/C: Tornado Attack
    • Up+A/B/C: Super Peelout
  • If debug is enabled:
    • B: Enter/exit debug mode
    • C: Place selected object
    • A: Cycle forwards through objects
    • A+C: Cycle backwards through objects (Works better if A is held down before repeatedly pressing C)


Download.svg Download Mobius Adventures
File: Mobius_Adventures_2.7.5.RAR‎ (452 kB) (info)
Current version: 2.7.5

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