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Mina Mongoose
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)
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Mina Mongoose (or the provided nicknames Mina-girl, songoose and songbird [a nickname awarded to Mina because she can sing extremely well]) is a fictional character appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Her first debut issue in the comics was in issue #76 where she had been captured and rescued by Sonic the hedgehog and has grown up to be one of Archie comics' more popular characters. She is one of the three girls (the others being Princess Sally Acorn and Amy Rose) who competed for the affections of Sonic the Hedgehog.

General Information

Mina is the 16 year old daughter of Isabella Mongoose and the now dead Arthur Mongoose. She is a school girl in love with the most renowned hero in the world. She is also a heroine in her own right who pops up every now and then. She works as a singer and babysitter.

Mina's Parents

The couple (Isabella and Arthur) met when Isabella was being chased by Overlanders (four fingered humans who were waging war with anthropomorphic creatures). This attracted the attention of Arthur Mongoose, who came to the aid of Isabella. After this, Arthur and Isabella married, and they had their daughter on October 11, 3220. Unfortunately Arthur would die later on, but Isabella still thinks of him, and Mina still asks about him.

Isabella looks out a lot for Mina in the sense she is someone who is very concerned with her daughter's safety and often tries to cheer up Mina when she's down. Sometimes Mina takes her mother's advice the wrong way, and Isabella tries to prevent her daughter from doing something without too much thought or at least tries to prevent her daughter from being hurt from something that lacked enough thought. This doesn't necessarily mean her daughter lacks intellect but every now and then Mina makes mistakes like the other characters and Isabella wants to prevent or help her daughter through as many mistakes she makes in her life as possible. Mina also loves her mother very much as well. When they were separated and her mother was roboticized Mina had tried her hardest to get her mother back and this had attracted the attention of Sonic the hedgehog who at first was someone Mina honestly did not think had a soft side at all, only to find herself later on falling in love with him. Needless to say she would put her own life in danger to save her mother as she tried in issue 90 as both mother and daughter mean a lot to one another.


Mina's most renown ability has to be her super speed. This speed has been associated with her mongoose heritage in issue #120, and by those who work on the book. However, Mina's speed wasn't an ability she could control very well. She was constantly bumping into things left and right. It is for that reason she has looked up to Sonic, as he has more control over his speed and is faster than she is. At one point, Mina had even asked him for training on how to control her speed problem in the past. Nowadays, while it is unknown whether or not she continues to train the ability with Sonic, what is clear is that her singing career has taken center stage as far as her developed abilities go. King Max asked her to use her singing to boost morale for the troops, and since then that's what's been taking quite a bit of her time.

Mina has also been school girl. In the 90s school had been among the many innovations Knothole was introducing (thanks to the active Rule of Elias and Geoffery St. John), Mina, Sonic, and Bunnie would end up in one of the same classes (that is, if their classes are divided in several periods like many high schools). While Sonic and Bunnie were excused from school when the need to go on missions reintroduced itself. Mina not being much of a Freedom Fighter has been assumed to remain going to school, although her love life had put a dent in her studies (she played hooky to buy a dress to impress him in issue 120). It is unclear whether or not Mina still goes to this public school. In 120 she had joined the freedom fighters (who don't attend public school), and it is unknown whether or not she returned to school after she quit. Arguably, her singing career and occasional combative assistance could take her away from public education, but a certain answer is unknown.

Finally, Mina's good with kids. In the series, Mina has babysat three little orphans. The names of the children were: Sasha, Rori, and Snaggle. These three live in a woman named Rosie's orphanage, but when Rosie wasn't there, and Mina occupied her time as a babysitter, she took up the responsibility.


Friends of Mina Mongoose include Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally, Tails Prower, and perhaps all the other former freedom fighters (as Karl Bollers has mentioned due to the change of the status quo the characters once freedom fighters are now solders). Mina and Tails race and fly in the Tornado which is very fun for Mina. Though Mina isn't particularly interested in computer programming/hacking which is why she probably isn't too close with Rotor Walrus, and she and her friendship Bunnie Rabbot started things out rough because of Mina and Sonic's developed romantic relationship. As in Bunnie's mind Sonic was off limits and should have been Sally's guy and is still somewhat supportive of Sally when she feels Sonic's attention isn't on her. Since then Bunnie and Mina have seemed somewhat okay with each other but they are not as close as Bunnie is with Sally.

Mina the Heroine, Her Basic Hobbies and Flaws

Mina's life outside her regular life has been more or less an occasional heroine pop who comes when she's needed. Doing stunts such as taking part in saving the world from the quantum dial, by helping get rid of the Xorda's defenses around the dial in issue 125. She has also saved the life of princess Sally in issue 123 by taking the bullet, saved Sonic the hedgehog when knocked out by Shadow Bots and running him off to safety, helping the former freedom fighters search Robotropolis in issue 100, and also helped save queen Alicia by getting the medicine to the Acorn kingdom. Not much has been revealed of how she has spend her free time lately. However, we do know she, like most females of Knothole reads Dear Aly (a portion of Wednesday's Knothole News dedicated to helping girls with their relationship problems). When stressed, excited or bummed out, she's also been known to enjoy baths and showers. Finally, Mina's also shown that she enjoys taking out time to hang out with her friends, and her current boyfriend, Ash.

Mina's flaw as a character can be that at times she doesn't enter situations after thinking it through, rather the opposite. Mina also has been characterized by those working on the comic as an individual who wants to do well by all of those around her. This issue can make it very difficult to place where her wants and needs go on her set of priorities. Another problem is that it usually takes for Mina a dramatic event to learn a valuable lesson, and one could also argue that her constant seeking for other's advice in regards to handling her own problems can be a detracting characteristic. Finally when dealing with a stressful situation Mina doesn't always sort it through with her head. She has been known to get overly dramatic and attempt things that when thinking would seem very unwise.

Love life

One character that seriously has won the heart of Mina is Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog). She admires and adores him and has had held the torch for him quite some time now. They started bonding in issue 76 when Sonic told Mina how his parents were Roboticized too when Mina told him he wouldn't understand the pain she felt when her mom had been roboticized. However it was during the 90's regarding the Sonic comic issues that their relationship started to really get into developing. Yet their developing romantic relationship took a halt in Sonic the hedgehog issue #123 as Mina walked in on Sonic and Sally kissing (even though neither Sonic or Sally know this) However despite the notion Mina cannot "have" Sonic she is loving to him anyway as it would appear she is more concerned with loving Sonic than having him (which negates the idea she is possessive as she does not need to know she has him to be loving and caring towards him). and while Mina may always care about Sonic, he's probably got a rival for his affections now due to the new guy Ash Mongoose, her manager. Ash is Mina's new boyfriend who Mina hooked up with when she thought Sonic was dead, but since he's come back from that "ordeal" Ash has shown some obvious insecurities and hostility towards Sonic. Not much is known about Mina and Ash.

Mina and Sonic are a pair of interesting individuals because some would say opposites attract, while others say those with things in common attract. Needless to say Mina and Sonic are both opposites with things in common. Personality wise Mina is shy, considerate, introverted and lacks self esteem while Sonic has a big ego, is cocky, is extroverted and will speak his mind. Thing in common however would include super speed and their love for music (Mina is the singer while Sonic plays the guitar), not to mention their ambition, and backgrounds for having roboticized parents. These two often find themselves unexpectedly picking the other up where they fall, When Sonic feels somewhat depressed (ex: Sonic #121 and #94) Mina is somewhat there to cheer him up as she's very considerate. However when Mina clams up and gets dramatic in response to drama (ex: Sonic #99 and #121) Sonic's more cool and confident traits in his personality have made him able to help Mina calm down. At the starts of their relations creating a bond between them no matter the changes of personality traits.

Finally there is princess Sally. She is competition for Sonic's heart and while most would think this puts Mina and Sally at odds with one another, the princess and the pop star are actually good friends. However Sally has become somewhat envious of Mina's relations with Sonic and the things she and Sonic have in common that allow Mina to relate to Sonic in ways Sally cannot. However Bunnie Rabbot has been morale support for the princess to help her through the triangle involving her Sonic and Mina. As of recently, its at a standstill. No triangle is wanted by staff or fans by quite some time due to the intensity. So until the distant future, Mina stays with Ash, Sally wants to lose all ties with Sonic.

Background information

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Inside tidbits would include Mina's original name would've been Chloe but Karl Bollers (main writer of Archie's Sonic comic) wanted to name the Mongoose after his now dead grandmother and gave Mina a shortened version of his grandmother's name (Minerva). However the fact Karl Bollers' grandmother inspired the name is only half of the reason Mina's name is Mina, as Chloe had the hard "e" sound at the end of her name that made it stick in with the rest of the Sonic comic females (ex: Amy, Sally, Rosie, Dulcy, Barbie, Julie) She was ordered by the editor to appear in issue #76 to be a new potential love interest for Sonic the hedgehog. Spaz apparently from what's said made a design of a mauve haired mongoose with yellow fur and green eyes. She was made a mongoose so that she could naturally have an ability that would give Sonic a way to relate to her in a way he could not relate to princess Sally (who is still a rival for Sonic's affections) and apparently Archie's staff chose speed. Of course the speed would end up having to be developed as something described by the artist Fry who had been drawing various issues in Archie comics involving Mina Mongoose had described at the Sonic Powerzone her abilities were more or less like an "X-men-onstage-puberty-awakened" hidden power Mina had because the Sonic Adventure adaptation (ordered by SEGA in hopes of promoting their upcoming game (SEGA also being who gave the license for Archie Comics to make Sonic comics thus it was a mandated adaptation) had taken all the time the comics had planned to use to develop Mina's speed.

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