Metropolitan Highway

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Metropolitan Highway
SonicForces PC MetropolitanHighway.jpg
Metropolitan Highway
Nineteenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: Metropolis
Level themes: urban, industrial
Played as: Modern Sonic, Shadow (DLC)
Non-English names:
  • JP: メトロポリタンハイウェイ Metoroporitanhaiuei
Death Egg | Null Space

Metropolitan Highway is the nineteenth stage of Sonic Forces and the sixth stage to be played by Modern Sonic. It takes place in Metropolis, a futuristic city with towering skyscrapers under Dr. Eggman's command.


After the destruction of the Death Egg, the Resistance believes that the Phantom Ruby, the Eggman Empire's secret weapon, is now useless due to the destruction of its power source. With an opening now available to them, the Resistance attempts another attack on Metropolis in hopes of winning the war to take back the planet.

Sonic leads the attack this time, tasked by Knuckles to find Eggman and capture him to allow the Resistance to win. Amidst the attack, Knuckles and Rouge promise Sonic cover support, while Amy leads him toward the doctor. Eventually, Sonic and Tails find Eggman, Orbot and Cubot. However, rather than surrendering, Eggman catches the heroes off-guard by calling in Infinite and having him create a portal into Null Space with his Phantom Ruby prototype's power.

The Avatar shows up and attempts to save Sonic from being pulled in, only to be pulled in themselves. Tails is left bewildered by this turn of events as the Phantom Ruby should be powerless, but it turns out that Eggman had learned from his mistakes and had expected the Resistance to try to destroy one of the Phantom Ruby's power sources and, as such, built a back-up power source underneath Metropolis.


Metropolitan Highway is a straightforward stage with a mix of 2.5D and 3D sections. The 3D sections feature Sonic boosting through highways littered with Egg Walkers, grinding on rails, and skydiving past a barrage of missiles. The 2.5D sections feature several small platforms that move quickly in one direction the instant Sonic sets his feet on them. The direction in which these plaforms move is indicated by the green arrows on the side of said platforms. While the platforms sometimes help the player cross gaps, they can also be traps that can lead Sonic into walls with spikes that can knock him into bottomless pits.


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