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Metallic Madness
"Metallic Madness Zone" redirects here. For the Sonic Mania version of this stage, see Metallic Madness Zone (Sonic Mania). For the similarly-named Sonic Heroes boss, see Metal Madness.
Metallic Madness
Seventh round, Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Number of Acts: 3
Location: Little Planet
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Egg Spinner
Maximum rings, Act 1: 151 + 90 (Present),
151 + 110 (Past), 151 + 80 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 2: 157 + 140 (Present),
156 + 130 (Past), 156 + 140 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 3: 90 + 10
Non-English names:
Stardust Speedway

Metallic Madness is the seventh and final Round of Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Like with every other Round in the game, Metallic Madness consists of two standard Zones that span all time zones, followed by a shorter third Zone set in the future which contains the boss. Geographically, Metallic Madness is located on the Little Planet.


Metallic Madness is a large-scale industrial stronghold that serves as Dr. Eggman's base on the Little Planet in the same vein as Scrap Brain Zone, sporting steel walkways and lots of machinery. Some of the hazards in the Round are even taken from its inspiration, such as spinning buzzsaws, disappearing platforms and metallic crushers. The Round even has some of its own hazards, such as spinning poles with blades on them, and giant see-saws that catapult giant spiked balls from the background into the foreground when stepped on.

Zone 2 has a background change to show that Sonic is deeper within the base, and features conveyor belts, flywheels and transport tubes which the player can choose their direction. Spinning turntables will take the player behind iron shutters and into the background, allowing them to move around walls that would otherwise block the way. Tall crushers will catapult the player into the air when stood on. Another obstacle involves the player standing in a pit with spiked platforms slowly descending down on them that will crush them, and each platform has a dull-coloured hole that the player must jump through to escape.

Perhaps the most unique thing about the Round is the presence of a shrink ray in Zone 2, which shrinks Sonic down to about 25% of his size, allowing him to fit into small passageways and navigate a condensed maze. This size-changing mechanic would not be seen again in the series until the Round's reintroduction as a Zone in Sonic Mania.

Zone 3 features the only bottomless pit in the entire game (not counting the player going out-of-bounds in other Rounds), containing Bumpers and collapsing platforms. Should the player get past this and the series of obstacles, they will come face-to-face with the evil genius in a final showdown...

It should be noted that this Round does not have any Metal Sonic holograms to destroy, due to Metal Sonic being defeated in Stardust Speedway.


Eggman has concentrated all of his intellect into one big mechanism that awaits Sonic. Will Sonic really be able to cut his way through…?

Sonic the Hedgehog CD JP manualMedia:SonicCD MCD JP manual.pdf[1] (translation by Vertekins)[3]

Evil Dr. Robotnik has created a nightmare of pumping pistons, walls of spikes and blade-wielding Badniks out to slice and dice you. It'll take all your speed and skill to get through this stage. But once you do, it's time for the final showdown! The future is up to you....

Sonic the Hedgehog CD US manualMedia:SonicCD MCD US manual.pdf[4]

Differences between Time Zones

A dark and strange place makes the perfect habitat for everyone's least favorite Doctor. Many traps are present and Sonic will need to give it his all here.
Back in the day, the factory is still under construction, and the blue skies can be seen in the upper parts of Zone 2. Traffic cones litter the area, along with caution signs and other things one would find at a construction site. Take out the robot transporter here, before...
Bad Future
...this happens. Eggman is careless, as evidenced by letting his base become dark and corroded. Rusted structures with dim lighting are littered with outdated traps. Coupled with the onslaught of Badniks, this is one future you don't want to come true.
Good Future
This can be avoided however. In this bright future, the clear skies let light shine in upon the Round, and even plants can be seen growing about. With Eggman's corruption gone from Little Planet, the future is bright for all its animal inhabitants!


Mmz badnik 02.png
Bigbom — A larger, more destructive version of the Bomb robots from Sonic 1.
Mecha-Bu — Kabutomushi beetle bots with razor wheel horns.
Poh-BeeWacky Workbench's chunky bee bots return, this time with swinging dual maces.
Mmz badnik 01.png
Scarab — A crawling Badnik that can catch Sonic in its rear claws.
Ssz badnik 03.png
Dango — Rolling pill bug Badnik, returning from Stardust Speedway.
Ssz badnik 04.png
Hotaru — Stardust Speedway's firefly Badniks return with lasers just before the final boss.


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