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Metal Overlord
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Metal Overlord
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Last Story
Hits to defeat: 5 Team Blasts
Fought by: Team Sonic using super transformation

Metal Overlord (メタルオーバーロード) is a transformation of Metal Sonic, fought as the final fight of Sonic Heroes. It is immediately preceded by Metal Madness; Metal Overlord is part two of the Last Story boss.


At the beginning of Heroes' Last Story, Metal Sonic is revealed as the true antagonist of the game. Calling down a lightning bolt to detonate the command tower on which he stands, Metal initiates a transformation with parts from the Final Fortress battleship to adopt a huge, dragon-like appearance: Metal Overlord. The first part of the boss fight, Metal Madness, sees the player control (in turn) Team Rose, Team Chaotix, and Team Dark, harrying the not-quite-completely-transformed Metal Sonic amidst the wreckage of Final Fortress' command deck. In the second part, Metal Overlord, the blue steel dragon takes to the skies. Team Sonic then transform into Super states, and pursue him in the sky.

Metal Sonic returns to normal after being defeated. The other characters leave the robot in the apparent custody of Shadow and E-123 Omega.


During the battle, Metal Overlord rants about his intention to rule over a robotic kingdom, and how the organic Sonic is a copy of him - all the while plucking Dr. Eggman's smaller warships out of the sky to hurl at the team. As the advice from the other characters confirms, the only attack that can damage the robotic dragon is the Team Blast, Super Sonic Overdrive, allowing the entire team to attack Metal Overlord. Five Team Blasts result in the machine's defeat.


Metal Overlord has the following four attacks during his fight with Team Sonic, in no specific order:

  • Crystal Attack: Metal will attempt to knock back the team with a quick succession of icy blasts, requiring Super Sonic to shatter them with continuous Rocket Accels.
  • Spine Attack: Metal will attempt to harass Team Super with a barrage of spine homing missiles with spines of his back or his claws. They both have the same functions as part 1: the former since they can't inflict harm will simply detract the team while the second will immobilize team members on contact, requiring the player to set them free from their crystalline prison with attacks. Fortunately, Tails can shoot said missiles out of the sky with Thunder Shoot.
  • Ship toss (not named): Metal will pluck ships from the remnants of the Egg Fleet and hurl them at Team Super. While hard to avoid, this merely stuns the player briefly and can be countered with a punch or Combo Power Attack from Knuckles.

Successfully recognizing and countering the above three attacks is essential to quickly raising your Team Blast gauge and taking down the boss.

  • Chaos Control: Should the player lollygag, Metal Overlord has one devastating ace up his sleeve: The ability to wield Chaos Control and freeze Team Super for as much as 20 seconds. Because the ring count still decreases during this period, this maneuver is extremely dangerous and should prompt the player to defeat Metal Overlord as quickly as possible.

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