Metal Depot

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Metal Depot
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Metal Depot
Eighth arena arena, Sonic Battle
Location: Gimme Shelter
Level theme: industrial
Opponent: Chaos Gamma
Non-English names:
  • JP: メタルデボ
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Metal Depot is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is treated as Chaos Gamma's home arena.


Metal Depot is an enclosed storage depot located within Gimme Shelter. It is the largest arena in the game, as it is designed to be very long and rectangular in layout, with many walls to get in the way that can be a big problem for characters who are slow or don't have a good jumping ability, such as Chaos. This makes it a popular stage for players who like to outrun their opponents and hide in corners until their Ichikoro Gauge is fully charged.

All fights that happen within Gimme Shelter during the story take place in this arena, often with Emerl having to fight Chaos Gamma in order to escape with Knuckles and Cream in their respective episodes. After his defeat, Chaos Gamma remains stationed in this arena for training in Emerl's episode.


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