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Mega Man #24
"Worlds Collide, Part One of Twelve"
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2013-04-10[1] $2.99Media:MegaMan Comic US 24.jpg[2] ?
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Mega Man #24 is the twenty-fourth issue of the Mega Man comic series by Archie Comics.

This issue features the first part of the "Worlds Collide" crossover spanning this comic, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. The next part is in Sonic Universe #51.


When Worlds Collide Part One: Kindred Spirits

The story opens with Sonic and Mega Man fighting each other in Green Hill Zone, with Sonic deftly dodging Mega Man's shots and attacking with his Spin Attack. As the two fight, a mysterious robot observes the fight from a distance, transmitting the video feed to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, who are both enjoying watching their enemies fight and their mission being nearly complete with five Chaos Emeralds accounted for.

The story presents a flashback to weeks ago, when Flash Man recovers a mysterious blue gem (a Chaos Emerald) in the Amazon jungle and delivers it to Dr. Wily in the Lanfront Ruins. Though Ra Moon suggests processing the gem after having sensed its power, Wily scans it himself, causing the gem to react and connect Wily to Dr. Eggman as he was giving orders to Orbot and Cubot. Both scientists angrily exclaim to each other that they are the greatest robotics geniuses on Earth, and after Wily answers that it is the year 20XX on his Earth, Eggman calms down and explains alternate realities to Wily, and arranges a way they can meet.

Using the Chaos Emeralds he has, Eggman creates a pocket dimension between the two worlds for him and Dr. Wily to meet at, calling it the Skull Egg Zone over an argument of whether it should be called the "Skull Secret Zone" or "Egg Pocket Zone". Following this, both scientists bring their robotic forces over from their worlds to construct a new floating fortress, which they christen the Wily Egg after another name argument between the "Death Egg III" and "Wily Flying Fortress". They also develop a device powered by the Chaos Emeralds that can rewrite reality in both their worlds without affecting the Skull Egg Zone. By pressing the button, both of their realities are altered in preparation for their plan, which gives Dr. Wily new memories of all Robot Masters from the past, present and future.

In Sonic's rewritten world, Tails is getting ready to meet Sonic, and answers the door upon seeing a silhouette of Sonic, only to be greeted by Bass and Metal Sonic, who knock him out and bring him to the doctors. Tails awakens inside a tube to be used in an experiment. Dr. Wily explains to Tails that Bass and Metal Sonic were sent to capture him as something from one world cannot enter another without accompaniment of a native specimen, and Eggman explains that the two scientists have combined the robotics of Wily's world with Eggman's roboticization process, which Tails doesn't understand at first. The scientists then roboticize Tails, turning him into the first Roboticized Master, christening him as Tails Man. Wily notes Tails Man's lack of personality, to which Eggman explains it will mean less sass. As a result of this conversion, Tails Man can now freely travel between both worlds and find the remaining Chaos Emeralds scattered by the Genesis Wave, while Wily suggests capturing more of Sonic's friends to make the search easier.

In Mega City, Proto Man jumps down from the rooftops after hearing screams, seeing police cars heading for the first national bank, and heads there himself. Upon entering the bank, a safe door is thrown which Proto Man blocks with his shield. Four figures are about to claim the grey Chaos Emerald that is contained within the safe when they are stopped by a whistle tune from Proto Man. As they do not look like humans in high-powered gear or even regular robots, they introduce themselves to Proto Man as the Roboticized Masters: Tails Man, Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, and Shadow Man.

Short Circuits

Sonic and Mega Man greet each other happily, however are told by Orbot that they must follow crossover by-laws in that they must fight each other first. Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily hide behind a crate, expressing relief that they get a few issues of peace.

Other features

  • Previously...: A brief recap of events that have happened in previous issues.
  • Who's Who?: A quick reference guide to new readers about the characters, featuring Mega Man, Sonic, Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman.
  • Attention Readers!: A message from the comic staff encouraging readers to spread the word about the crossover.
  • Mega-Mail: Reader letters with replies from the comic staff.
  • Master Works: Reader-submitted fan art.

Production credits

When Worlds Collide Part One: Kindred Spirits
Source: Page 3
Short Circuits
Source: Page 25



"Worlds Collide" (Sonic/Mega Man Crossover)
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