Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack

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Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack
First seen: Sonic Adventure (1998)
User: Knuckles the Echidna
Type: Attack

The Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, known as the Maximum Heat Knuckle (マキシマムヒートナックル) in Japan, is one of Knuckles the Echidna's techniques, useable in Sonic Adventure. The attack sees Knuckles automatically carry out a chain of Glide attacks to destroy all enemies in the vicinity. It is something of a counterpart to Sonic's similar move, the Light Speed Attack.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure, the technique is unlocked by picking up the golden Fighting Gloves upgrade from the rocky ledge above Big's hut in the Mystic Ruins jungle. The technique is charged up in the same way as Sonic's Light Dash by holding B while on the ground. Knuckles begins to glow with a red aura, and his movement speed will be drastically reduced while the charge is maintained. Releasing B near one or more enemies will make the echidna speedily pulverise them. As with the Light Speed Attack, Knuckles leaves a glowing trail behind him while blitzing through the foes. When fighting Chaos 6, Knuckles can use the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack after freezing Chaos 6 to deal double damage.

Knuckles is shown using a similar ability when using Super Sonic Overdrive against Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Shuffle

In Sonic Shuffle, the attack is used as Knuckles' special battle ability under the name of the Maximum Heat AttackMedia:SonicShuffle DC US manual.pdf[1], or the Dash Punch Kougeki (ダッシュパンチ攻撃Media:SonicShuffle DC JP manual.pdf[2]) in Japanese. If he draws a Special Card in battle, he can attack with two cards, with his attack power being the sum of the two cards.