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* [[Egg Factory]], ''[[Sonic Riders]]''
* [[Egg Factory]], ''[[Sonic Riders]]''
* [[Flame Core]], ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog '06]]''
* [[Flame Core]], ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog '06]]''
==[[Sky cliche|Sky cliché]]==
The '''Sky cliche''' is a rare one, but it's a very unique one.
Basically it is a Zone/Act where [[Sonic]], [[Tails]], and sometimes [[Knuckles]] take to the skies in the [[Tornado]] to battle [[Eggman]]'s forces. There is no land here, so the Tornado is yours to command! Dodge jets and bullets, and fight back!
First Appeared: [[Sky Chase Zone]], ''[[Sonic 2]]''
*Sky Chase [[Sky Chase Act 1|Act 1]] and [[Sky Chase Act 2|Act 2]], ''[[Sonic Adventure]]''
*[[Tornado Defense]], ''[[Sonic Unleashed]]''
==[[Death Egg cliché]]==
==[[Death Egg cliché]]==

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NOTE: The basis of this article first appeared on RyogaMasaki's defunct site "The Shadow Zone", although it has since been expanded to accomodate newer cliches.

Below is a list of all the Sonic zone clichés:

Tropical Island cliché

This is probably one of the most common of all the clichés. To my knowledge, it's appeared in every Sonic game to date, except Sonic Spinball. Common features in levels like this include palmtrees, waterfalls, bright flowers, and badniks relating to the environment (i.e., monkeys, pirahna, etc.). Furthermore, this is typically the first zone of the game when it does occur (Sonic Advance 3 a notable exception). First appeared: Green Hill Zone, Sonic 1 Also in:

Ancient Ruins cliché

Another common cliché found in most Sonic games. Expect to find Roman style pillars, brick walls, plenty of secret passageways, and spikes. On an interesting note, alot of the Ancient Ruins zones have small, unique variations to them, usually in the area of a natural trap. For instance, Marble Zone has lava, Aquatic Ruin has water, Marble Garden has tar, etc. etc. First appeared: Marble Zone and Labyrinth Zone, Sonic 1 Also in:

Carnival/Casino cliché

Here you'll find lots of pinball bumpers and springs, lots of stuff to keep you in the air. Also, the Casino variations contain the obligatory bright neon lights and ring giving slot machines. First appeared: Spring Yard Zone, Sonic 1 Also in:

Underwater cliché

Another of the common clichéd zones. All or most of the level takes place underwater and the use of air bubbles is critical. You'll find plenty of piranha badniks as well. First appeared: Labyrinth Zone, Sonic 1 Also in:

Factory/City cliché

Jeez, Eggman's one busy little scientist! It always seems like he's building a technological city for himself in every game. I've also included levels that are set in factories of city-sized proportion, since they both seem to go along together. Metal galore, electric sparks, spikes, and nasty badniks are a few of the things often found in these zones. First Appeared: Scrap Brain Zone, Sonic 1 Also in:

City cliché

This cliche is a relatively new one. It takes place in any level with cars, buildings, and roads! Expect here to run down (or along!) buildings, along roads twisting in any direction, and maybe even dodge some cars!

First appeared: Radical City, Sonic R


Underground Cavern cliché

This type tends to be very popular among Sonic fans, probably because the famous Hidden Palace Zone was of this type. The setting is a huge cavern, littered with badniks and traps. First appeared: Hidden Palace Zone and Mystic Cave Zone, Sonic 2 Also in:

Desert cliché

Hot sand, hot sun, quicksand, spikes... a virtual hell. You just gotta think to yourself that those rings are hot too! Note that this first appeared in the desert level in Sonic 2 (prototype), but since we have no concrete proof except a picture, I won't include it. First appeared: Sandopolis Zone, Sonic & Knuckles Also in:

Lava/Volcano cliché

Bubbling lava, nasty traps and fire-based badniks, all part of the Lava cliché, these levels are generally tough to complete due to the hot magma that litters the zones. First appeared: Marble Zone, Sonic 1. Also in:

Sky cliché

The Sky cliche is a rare one, but it's a very unique one.

Basically it is a Zone/Act where Sonic, Tails, and sometimes Knuckles take to the skies in the Tornado to battle Eggman's forces. There is no land here, so the Tornado is yours to command! Dodge jets and bullets, and fight back!

First Appeared: Sky Chase Zone, Sonic 2

Death Egg cliché

The Death Egg! Fearsome overlord of the heavens; a vindictive, killing moon, testament to both the grandiose malice and grandiose megalomania of Doctor Ivo Robotnik. The iconic final stronghold of the early Genesis games could strike fear into the hearts of even the most hardened Sonic players, forming the backbone of the epic Death Egg Saga.

Since Sonic 2, the doc (along with other assorted supervillains) seem to have developed a taste for orbital fortresses, no matter how many times a thousand miles of vacuum proves insufficient defence from Sonic and pals. How the world has avoided Kessler syndrome, considering all the smashed bases floating around up there, is anyone's guess. Still, the space stations keep coming, and Robotnik shows no sign of losing interest in zero-g hideouts.

Often comes paired with an Outer Space cliché zone.

First appeared: Death Egg Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit).

Also in: