Knuckles VS Rouge

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Knuckles VS Rouge
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Fought by: Knuckles, Rouge

Knuckles and Rouge have one battle at the end of both their parts of the story.

It happens after the Meteor Herd and Mad Space Levels.

They fight over a fenced-in lava pit. To win, you must hurt your opponent enough times. This can be done with the Power Glide, jumps, and punches/kicks. There are walking platforms, but you can also climb the arena to 3 separate levels of the structure in which to do battle.

After the Fight

Regardless of who wins the fight...Rouge and Knuckles reach a standstill. They start arguing, causing Rouge to lose balance and almost fall into the lava. Knuckles saves her, and they both have a brief intimate moment. Rouge then give Knuckles her Master Emerald shards before both go their separate ways.


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