Knuckles VS Rouge

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Knuckles VS Rouge
Knuckles VS Rouge
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Hits to defeat: 4
Fought by: Knuckles, Rouge

Knuckles and Rouge have one battle at the end of both their parts of the story in Sonic Adventure 2, fought as the sixth boss battle of their respective stories. It happens after the Meteor Herd and Mad Space levels.


The fight between Knuckles and Rouge takes place over a fenced-in lava pit within the large tower from Meteor Herd. To win, the player must hurt their opponent four times. This can be done with any of their character's moves, including gliding, jumps, and punches/kicks. If both characters attack each other at the same time, they will be knocked back without taking any damage. To land a hit, the player must attack while their opponent is moving.

At set intervals, the floor in the center of the tower will open, and the updraft from the lava pit will blow both characters into the air. At this point, the battle will continue on the steel beams surrounding the tower, necessitating the use of gliding to move around. As the player's opponent will be on the steel beams, a vital strategy is to get above him/her and strike with Drill Claw/Drill Drive. After a set amount of time passes, the lava pit will close up.

When the opposing character has taken two hits, they will begin to use special attacks normally used in the 2P Battle mode against the player. If the player is in close range, the opponent will use Hammer Punch/Hip Drop to trip the player up, and if the player is far away, the opponent will use Thunder Arrow/Black Wave to hit the player no matter where they are.

After the fight

Regardless of who wins the fight...Rouge and Knuckles reach a standstill. They start arguing, causing Rouge to lose balance and almost fall into the lava. Knuckles saves her, and they both have a brief intimate moment. Rouge then give Knuckles her Master Emerald shards before both go their separate ways.


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