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Knuckles' Mine Hunt
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Knuckles' Mine Hunt
Game: Sonic Battle
Number of players: 1

Knuckles' Mine Hunt is a mini-game in Sonic Battle, which is unlocked after clearing Knuckles' episode in Story Mode. This is the only mini-game that is available in single player, though a copy of the mini-game can be sent to another Game Boy Advance with no cartridge inserted via Link Cable.


This is simply a game of Minesweeper featuring Knuckles, where the objective is to dig into squares on the field and locate where the mines are without detonating them. Any numbers dug up indicate how many mines are within proximity of the square. If the player digs in a square that has a mine in it, the game is over.

The player must use the D-Pad to select a square, then press A to dig in that square. If they think a square has a mine inside, they can press B to mark that square with a Chao. When all the mines on the field are properly marked with Chao, the player will advance to the next stage.

Due to a design oversight, there is no way to exit the mini-game once it is started from the mini-game menu. However, no data is lost by turning off the system while playing Mine Hunt, so the player is free to do that when they have finished playing.


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