Isabella Mongoose

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Isabella Mongoose
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)
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Isabella Mongoose is a fictional character appearing in the Archie Comics.

General information

During a period known as the Great War, furries and overlanders fought and at each other's throats all the time. A beautiful young mongoose would find herself reminded of such times where the overlanders and furries were enemies when she was chased throughout the forest by them. As she ran from the enemy she caught the attention of another Mongoose, known as Arthur Mongoose who in the end protected Isabella. These two would later end up getting married and having a daughter in the year 3220 known as Mina Mongoose . Unfortuneately Arthur would die and leave behind his wife and child. From then on Isabella would raise Mina as a single parent, until Eggman came and captured both her and her daughter. While her daughter would be rescued and suffer from survivor's guilt Isabella ended up not being rescued and soon was roboticized. However due to the sword of Acorns while she was roboticized her free will was restored. Later on in the last Robian story (Sonic 123) Isabella would have her body restored back to how it was before being roboticized.

The mongoose at heart

Isabella can be a rather rational character and is very loving towards her daughter Mina. She provides words that can be used to adivse other characters such as Mina or say Sonic but sometimes her wise words are either ignored, not taken serious enough, or misinterpreted. Isabella holds pride in her daughter, especially in her singing talents but can at times wishes to curb her daughter's "sometimes" hasty courses of action because it can hurt her in the future. But like many parents Isabella has to keep being reminded she cannot always protect her precious daughter, no matter how much she wants to.


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