Ice Paradise

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Ice Paradise
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Ice Paradise
Fourth level, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: winter
Boss: Aero Egg
Music Plant | Sky Canyon

Ice Paradise is the fourth zone of Sonic Advance 2. More technological than most icy levels, Ice Paradise features a well-lit city in the background, along with shifting spotlights first seen in Secret Base Zone from Sonic Advance.

A carpet of white snow at night lies above the floor of crystalline blue-and-purple rocks, with various metal loops and ramps frozen into the environment. The level includes several sliding sections, including shiny ice and frozen metal tracks; keep your wits about you to jump before you reach the end of the slides, as they often crudely dump you into bottomless pits if you ride for too long!


  • Balloon - Floating red blobs that cough laser beams straight downwards.
  • Pen - Robotic penguins that slide around on their bellies.
  • Hammerhead - Shark bots that spring gleefully through the air. Their heads can be stood on like platforms.


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