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Takers hovering in Crisis City.

Takers are supernatural fire-beasts conjured and controlled by Iblis out of the Flames of Disaster, and which serve as opponents in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

These fire monsters are phoenix-like birds that burst into action when an enemy gets too close. Once the wings unfurl, Takers can either attack with small fireballs or dive bomb for a melee strike. Takers often hover over wide-open spaces, making them perfect “stepping stones” for crossing over gaps by means of Homing Attacks. Like every Iblis monster, they are red-brown coloured and weaker (one hit to destroy) then their Mephiles' counterpart, which is purple-black coloured and is stronger (two hits to destroy). The Mephiles' counterpart was never named.

Iblis's Takers make a return in HD Sonic Generations's take on Crisis City. Some fly through the air for some short distance, sometimes in small groups, before hovering above a pre-determined spot. Others are more or less in place from the get-go, and tend to harass the Sonics with small fireballs flung with some degree of accuracy at a slow rate.

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