Iblis Phase 3

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Iblis Phase 3
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Level: Flame Core
Fought by: Silver
See also: Iblis

Iblis Phase 3 is Silver's fifth and last boss in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Having finally seen through Mephiles' lies, Silver concludes that the best way to defeat Iblis is to repeat the Duke of Soleanna's trick from the Solaris Project - using a Chaos Emerald to seal the beast inside a living soul. After helping Sonic travel to the past to save Elise, Silver and Blaze return to their own hellscape of a future for the final showdown.

In its third phase, Iblis is significantly larger and more humanoid-looking than in his previous iterations. Battled in the fiery badlands of Flame Core, Iblis bombards Silver and Blaze's position with volcanic boulders, all the while ominously stamping his way closer and closer to their platform. The monster will fire out waves of flame which Silver has to jump to evade. On reaching the platform, Iblis smashes portions of the ground away; Silver has to float over and land on top of the beast's head, using a psychokinesis pad to smash Iblis's eye, forcing him to withdraw.

A section of the boss which frequently confuses players is when Iblis lobs a vast, flaming comet at Silver from afar. Despite the rock's massive size, this can (must!) be caught with psychokinesis and hurled back at Iblis. If the comet hits, the entire platform collapses, spelling certain death.

In Silver's end sequence after the boss, the hedgehog attempts (unsuccessfully) absorb Iblis into his soul using two Chaos Emeralds. When Silver fails, Blaze steps in instead, although Silver refuses to seal her in another dimension as per her request, unwilling to condemn his own friend to what is probably a horrible death. What eventually happens to Blaze is a matter of debate; but she appears to drift up into the sky and explode, clearing away Iblis' centurial soot clouds and finally allowing the sun to shine down on Silver's world.


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