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A group of humans, along with Cheese and Cream.

Humans are almost completely hairless mammals that inhabit Station Square and many other areas. From the beginning of the series, Dr. Eggman was the only known human, until the appearance of other humans starting with Sonic Adventure. They tend not to have the same physical strength as the main characters in the series, despite everything they do not have low intelligence or cannot fight, such as Chris Thorndyke and Professor Pickle, although they do not have the same hand-to-hand combat strength compared to the main characters, humans are also important within the Sonic franchise.

In Sonic Unleashed, the humans take on a more cartoony appearance than in the previous games, and almost every human in the game has a unique design and name. Some humans will give Sonic missions to complete, while others will be possessed by the Minions of Dark Gaia at night, causing very strange and out-of-character behavior and thus requiring an exorcism.

In Sonic the Hedgehog by Archie Comics, humans are represented as inhabitants of the hidden city of Station Square and they also are important. Their strong resemblance to the Overlanders has been questioned, despite everything they are not similar both as a thought toward the Mobians and with the anatomy of their hands, but they are unable to provide any explanation and in fact did not know the Overlanders until Sonic and his fellow Freedom Fighters mentioned them.

Notable Humans

Video Games

Sonic X

  • Chris Thorndyke - Sonic's best friend human and dear friend as well as his second little brother acquired. In the season 3 become a prodigious scientist .
  • Chuck Thorndyke - Chris' grandfather and scientist.
  • Nelson Thorndyke - Chris' father and CEO of the Thorndyke Industries.
  • Lindsey Thorndyke - Chris' mother and gifted actress.
  • Ella - Chris' kind and jolly maid.
  • Mr. Tanaka - Chris' Japanese butler and bodyguard
  • Mr. Stewart - A government agent disguised as a teacher.
  • Topaz - A G.U.N. agent and Rouge's partner.