Holy Summit (arena)

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Holy Summit (arena)
Sonic battle holy summit.png
Holy Summit
Ninth arena arena, Sonic Battle
Location: Holy Summit
Level theme: winter
Opponent: Chaos
Non-English names:
  • JP: ホーリーサミット
Metal Depot | Colosseum

Holy Summit is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is treated as Chaos' home arena.


Taking place in the frozen caldera of an extinct volcano, the peak of Holy Summit is coated over in ice and snow, complete with a dilapidated railroad track in the northeastern corner of the arena. This arena is unique among the other arenas in the game as it is the only one to feature holes that characters can enter for close-quarters fighting, located at the northwest and southeast corners.

This arena is never visited at all during the story until Emerl's episode, in which Chaos suddenly appears after Dr. Eggman unveils his newest Death Egg. At any point before his final showdown with Eggman, Emerl can come here to train with the "God of Destruction" and learn his techniques.


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