Heavy Magician (boss)

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Heavy Magician
MSZ HeavyMagician.png
Heavy Magician
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Mirage Saloon Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Heavy Magician (ヘビーマジシャンMedia:SonicMania consoles JP manual.pdf[1]) is one of the Hard Boiled Heavies and the eighth major boss fought in Sonic Mania, encountered in Mirage Saloon Zone. She first appears at the start of Act 1 where she knocks Knuckles off the Tornado into his own version of Act 1, and reappears at the end to use her magic to create the Uber Caterkiller mini-boss. She is finally fought at the end of Act 2, where she uses her magic to transform and battle the player directly.


After the player drops into the arena, the Heavy Magician appears from inside the her magic box at the top of the screen and tips her hat to the player, before retreating inside to perform her magical transformation. After rumbling for a few seconds, the box will fall to the ground and split open, revealing the Heavy Magician transformed into one of the characters present on the "WANTED" posters seen throughout the Zone, each of whom has a different attack pattern. She will always transform in the following order:

  • Fang the Sniper - in this form, the Heavy Magician bounces around on her tail and shoots corks from her pop-gun.
  • Bean the Dynamite - in this form, the Heavy Magician throws bombs at the player.
  • Bark the Polar Bear - in this form, the Heavy Magician slams the ground repeatedly, sending debris crashing down on top of the player.

The player can break her illusion by hitting her with a Spin Attack, after which she reverts to her normal form and remains stunned for a few seconds. She can then be damaged by attacking again while in her true form. After the first hit, she will resume the same illusion - a second hit will cause her to retreat to her magic box and transform into the next character in sequence.

After eight hits, the Heavy Magician will be defeated and retreat from the arena. The player can then proceed to the Capsule and finish the Zone.



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