Green Hill Zone boss (8-bit)

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Green Hill Zone boss
  • Master System
  • Game Gear
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Green Hill Zone boss
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)
Level: Green Hill Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Green Hill Zone boss is the first boss of the 8-bit versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, fought at the end of Green Hill Zone.


Being the first of many encounters against Dr. Eggman, this is an easy fight to get the player going, though they mustn't forget that they won't have any Rings when facing the fat man. After climbing the hill and jumping the gaps in Act 3, the player will arrive at the battle area, where Eggman will fly in from the right in his Egg Mobile, hovering above Sonic back and forth across the screen. Eggman has eschewed attaching some random kill-weapon to his customary flying machine for this fight, and instead merely tries to kill Sonic by periodically swooping down and ramming the hedgehog at high speed.

Sonic has to jump on (or under) Eggman's ship to damage it. In the Master System version of the game, Eggman is too high for the player to reach, and therefore can only be hit when he comes down to attack. In the Game Gear version however, the smaller screen resolution means Eggman's height has been lowered, thus he is always within range of Sonic's jump and rendering the fight one of the worst Sonic the Hedgehog boss fights in history. Once the player has landed eight hits, his ship explodes and the doctor retreats, allowing the player to destroy the first Capsule and proceed to Bridge Zone.

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12 Object Function Number


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