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Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Tropical Resort
For the first boss in the Wii version and Sonic Colours: Ultimate, see Rotatatron.

Globotron is the first boss of the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colours, fought at the end of Tropical Resort.

Having cleared the Tropical Resort area, Sonic finally catches up with Dr. Eggman, who's demanding that Orbot and Cubot pick up the pace in capturing Wisps. None too happy at the interruption, Eggman orders his henchmen to deal with the hedgehog; the two robots release this massive, floating globe.


As with most bosses from Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, this boss is fought on a 3D rotunda. The boss periodically lashes down with its arms, after which the player must strike it with a Homing Attack up to three times to deal damage and get White Wisps for Boost energy. If the player Boosts into an attackable part of Globotron's limbs afterwards, they are rewarded with the Red Burst Wisp (only if the player entered Sweet Mountain before), which can be used to attack the boss floating in the air.

As its energy bar depletes, Globotron will use another attack: It will begin chasing Sonic, strike the ground twice with its palms, then slams both of its hands on the ground like a hammer. The player should run from this, then quickly strike back after the third strike. When its energy is almost all gone, the player should strike its head to finish the fight.

After the boss explodes, Orbot and Cubot are shown gathering up the wreckage, though they end up short by one arm. This innocuous bit of robotic mis-accounting proves to have profound ramifications later in the game...


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