Ghost Whale

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Ghost Whale
Ghost Whale
Game: Sonic Rush Adventure
Level: Blizzard Peaks
Hits to defeat: 3 to the heart
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

Ghost Whale is the boss of Blizzard Peaks in Sonic Rush Adventure, which means it can be played as the fifth or sixth overall. Presumably the creation of Eggman Nega, this immense robotic whale is responsible for trapping the Vikings in blocks of ice, and is set by Captain Whisker to do the same to Sonic and Blaze.


The Ghost Whale's fight arena is less 3D than most other Rush Adventure bosses, combining a short 2D platforming stage with the battle itself. The player starts on a small iceberg, fending off leaping robotic fish while the Whale charges from a distance. He bites a chunk out of the 'berg, but a Spin Jump to the red gem on his head stuns him, allowing you to jump inside his mouth.


Inside the belly of the whale comes the platforming section. Dodging internal missiles (or using them as steps) and evading freezing pools of water, make your way through the mechanical beast. There's a time limit of 30 seconds before the leviathan spits you back out via its blowhole, but this limit can be extended by hitting explosive modules while inside. Eventually, you find a second red gem - the Whale's heart. Smacking this cuts down his health by an entire third, and sees you catapulted out in a plume of water to land back on the iceberg. Repeat twice for victory.

Whisker makes a hasty escape after the Whale's destruction; Blaze does her fire thing to defrost the Vikings. The grateful polar bears inform Sonic and friends that the pirates make their base in some old ruins towards the east.


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